Observations from today's commercial shoot at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train including ride duration timing

Apr 22, 2014 in "Fantasyland"

Today was interesting for observers at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train because it gave a first look at some areas that were previously behind walls, and also a look at how the ride is likely to operate with park guests onboard once it opens.

Everyone has been asking about ride duration, and today gave us a chance to do some timings on this. Based on today's commercial shoot, which we have to assume has the ride running at its intended operational pace, the ride looks to be somewhere in the region of just under 2 minutes long. We timed just over a minute for the indoor show scene inside the mountain, and around 20 to 30 seconds each for the two exterior portions of the ride. This puts the total ride duration somewhere in the region of just under 2 minutes. Of course, this does not take into account the load and unload process, which would add some additional time.

Something that may not be obvious from the video, but is very striking in person, is just how quiet the ride system is. The trains can go by you without you even noticing. WDI and Vekoma look to have a really smooth ride on this coaster.

The lift hill appears to be using the same near-silent chain mechanism that was introduced on Expedition Everest. No clanking as the train heads up the lift, and it also moves at a fairly rapid rate. We can only currently see the outdoor lift, but we can assume the same mechanism is probably in use on the second indoor lift through the show scene.

Also interesting to note is that the train comes to a complete stop at the cottage scene, giving guests a chance to view the final scene before heading back in to the unload area.

The ride still remains in test and adjust, and is not yet open for any guests. Stay tuned to WDWMAGIC for updates as they happen.

If you have not seen our coverage of today's Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster commercial shoot, you can catch that here and here.

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Article Posted: Apr 22, 2014 / 2:17pm EDT