Something new coming to Fantasyland as Scentsy becomes the Official Home Fragrance of Walt Disney World Resort

Jun 18, 2021 in "Fantasyland"

Posted: Friday June 18, 2021 3:57pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Scentsy has entered into a multi-year relationship with the Walt Disney World Resort which will include a new experience in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

As part of the deal, Scentsy will be designated as the Official Home Fragrance of Walt Disney World Resort.

Details are scarce, but Scentsy has revealed that they will be working together with Disney to bring a new guest experience to life within the Fantasyland area at Magic Kingdom, "creating rich storytelling opportunities through fragrance." What that quite means we aren't sure - but Scentsy says to stay tuned for details.

Scentsy sells scented products including wax warmers exclusively through independent consultants, with no retail sales.

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RSoxNo1Jun 26, 2021

Safe to assume this won't be replacing a shop in Fantasyland but perhaps appearing in part of a shop?

kong1802Jun 23, 2021

I hate when companies "legitimize" these shady MLM's. Antimlm is a good read on reddit if one is bored.... I'm hopeful that it does just become a small shelf in storybook circus shop as a previous poster hoped.

DisneyExpertJun 23, 2021

I would never in a million years sign up to sell it, but I have a bit of an unchecked Scentsy addiction, so I'm cautiously excited about what this might turn out to be. Assuming the MLM drones handing out bags isn't the extent of the promotion. 🙃

tl77Jun 23, 2021

So Disney has realized 3rd party company like The Magic Candle Company have been making money selling candles scented like areas of their parks and resorts and is getting in on that action Or in other words... Disney smells money with scented candles

TK294Jun 23, 2021

"Handwashing tips brought to you by BRAWNY".

TikibirdLandJun 23, 2021

You're eating The Beauty and The Beast's child! SAVE THE CHILDREN. Don't eat the Baby Belle! Oooooh, but they're sooo good!

zann285Jun 23, 2021

Well Disney used to have Georgia Pacific products sponsoring the paper towels in the restrooms, and of course Lights, Motors, Action! I suspect if they sold copy paper in the Emporium, it would have been a Georgia Pacific brand.

Tom P.Jun 22, 2021

I'm going to need copy paper soon. Is there The Official 20 lb., 92 Brightness Copy Paper of Walt Disney World Resort? Otherwise, I'm not sure how I will choose.

BaconPancakesJun 22, 2021

This reminds me of those hideous print yoga pants that Karens used to shill. I hope Disney isn’t allowing this trash to be pushed on guests in their parks but I wouldn’t put it past Chapek. 🤑

monothingieJun 22, 2021

Does Disney World still have an official snack cheese?

Mickey2021Jun 22, 2021

🤣😂 Love the office!

aliceismadJun 21, 2021

Ugh. Scentsy is gross.

dovetail65Jun 21, 2021

We are on the same wavelength on this for sure. Posting and Messaging is tough to read intent with no verbal or facial cues, we are all good.