Imagineers play testing a scavenger hunt game for the new Fantasyland in Epcot today

May 06, 2011 in "Fantasyland"

Posted: Friday May 6, 2011 11:50am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff
Imagineers are today play testing a new concept for an interactive scavenger hunt that is expected to be part of the new Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. As we have seen before with Kim Possible and Haunted Mansion tests, these play testing days can turn into reality in much elaborate implementations.

This report comes in from one of our forum members who saw the game in action this morning - see thread here.
"When entering the seas with Nemo and Friends this morning there was a sandwich board in front of the door saying "Imagineers Testing! Details ahead!" the first thing you saw was a sign saying Welcome Scavenger Hunters and asking guests to find sea shells. New images on the walls of various beach items were on display. Before going into the next room the next sign asked how well you did and find out in the next room. Inside the room with the school of fish projection the lights were on really bright and managers and imagineers were asking people if they particiated in the hunt in the previous room."

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