Details released for using the Disney Dining Plan with Fantasmic! Dining Packages

Nov 10, 2023 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Friday November 10, 2023 10:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Dining Plans return to Walt Disney World on January 9, 2024, and Disney has now updated guests on using the Dining Plan for Fantasmic! Dining Packages at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


As before, Fantasmic! Dining Packages are available for 1 Table-Service meal at:

  • 50's Prime Time Café
  • Hollywood & Vine
  • Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano
  • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Alternatively, 2 Table-Service meals can be redeemed from the dining plan for each person dining at The Hollywood Brown Derby.

About the Fantasmic! Dining Packages

Here's what's included in each Fantasmic! Dining Package:

  • An entrée and appetizer or dessert at select full-service restaurants or one (1) full buffet (where applicable), along with a non-alcoholic beverage
  • One voucher for guaranteed seating at Fantasmic! in a reserved area

About The Disney Dining Plan

Each guest receives one Quick-Service meal per night, one Table-Service meal, one snack or nonalcoholic beverage, plus a resort-refillable mug for the duration of their stay.

Meal options include an entrée and a beverage (alcoholic for guests over 21) at both Quick-Service and Table-Service restaurants, with the addition of a dessert or a full buffet/family-style meal at Table-Service restaurants for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Alcoholic beverage choices include beer, wine, cider, sangria, and mixed drinks, while nonalcoholic options range from milkshakes to premium hot chocolate.

Snacks, including ice cream, popcorn, and fresh fruit, can be redeemed at various locations.

The plan requires purchase for the entire stay and all members, with meals nontransferable and expiring at checkout. It excludes items more than a single serving, souvenir container items, and merchandise like bottle toppers.

Learn more about the Disney Dining Plan.

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cranbizNov 15, 2023

You are not wrong. I was very disappointed in Cape May and that was probably 12 years or so.

DomVF07Nov 14, 2023

If memory serves correct you didn’t have to tell them in advance either you had the TIW card, though servers genuinely appreciated the heads up in advance. Unlike with the DDP, which typically was a separate menu offering or servers needed to know per location etc.

SirwalterraleighNov 14, 2023

…I’m really sorry to hear… …that you suffered cape may 🤮

cranbizNov 14, 2023

You should have asked to speak to a manager. I had that issue when I was a CM and dining with my family at Cape May. Server found out I was a CM and she was getting an automatic 18%. All I got was an earful on how much more money bus drivers got, she ignored us all night, drinks only got refilled when I stopped another server and asked if she could help and used plates were stacked up on the table the entire meal. It was not a good experience. We got up to leave and I got a manager, explained what happened and he could see the stack of dirty plates still on the table. I asked for him to remove the gratuity as we got no service for it and he agreed AND comped one meal for our troubles.

SirwalterraleighNov 14, 2023

You get bad waiters all over the place…gratuity doesn’t affect that much. I look at it this way: do I want to pay the full $45 for a breakfast buffet? Or roll in the tip for Someone who doesn’t have a 187 foot yacht to clear my dirty dishes?

MR.DisNov 14, 2023

The problem I had with TIW was the guaranteed Gratuity. Once a server knows they are guaranteed, service drops. I had a dinner at a Disney restaurant where once the server was informed that they were going to get 18%, they served our drinks and literally we did not see them again until we were given the bill. Two day later, at a different restaurant, same thing happened. Human nature is what it is. So I want to be in control of what a server EARNS, not is entitled to.

SirwalterraleighNov 14, 2023

I think there’s very little chance they ever bring tables back… It’s from a “previous era”…which of course was horrific and nobody liked anything 1985-2005 🙄 Not only that…it rewards loyalty and we know all of us that spent $500K or more (not really joking) on wdw are just a bunch offreeloaders But all that aside…it also is not prepaid up front and has no “definitive” cap on benefit. That’s what they want: full payment up front and the Computer to tell them the maximum “loss” in advance. …some probably think I’m kidding about this, huh? 🤡

SirwalterraleighNov 14, 2023

…you got it.

DomVF07Nov 14, 2023

Oh absolutely. To say to take with a grain of salt with that posting from them is an understatement. Was just more interesting as it’s a recent posting on the matter. Here’s “wishing” 🤣

TheMaxReboNov 14, 2023

And for up to 10 people In the past, when we had trips with extended family it paid for us to have one person upgrade to an annual pass and then get TiW just to get 20% off for meals with up to 10 people at it

MisterPenguinNov 14, 2023

Last time it was available, I calculated I'd have to spend over $700 in food for the discount to be worth it (since the buy-in was steep). You'd have have a large group or be heavy drinkers or have one dinner at V&A for it to be worthwhile. And I'm very sure if it came back, the break even point would be much higher.

Tony the TiggerNov 14, 2023

That was the selling point for us!

ToTBellHopNov 14, 2023

You also cannot discount the value of being able to write “Tables in Wonderland Member” under “Professional Affiliations” on your résumé. I’m confident I only beat out a competitor for my current job because I mentioned that I’m an Annual Passholder on my C.V. Anything to stand above the crowd.

UnbansheeNov 14, 2023

You have to keep in mind that the moms panel is less informed than this forum in many cases and certainly isn't given inside info