Price hike for Fantasmic! Dining Packages at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Oct 27, 2023 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Friday October 27, 2023 12:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has increased the price of Fantasmic! Dining Packages at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Purchasing a Fantasmic! Dining Package gets you guaranteed seating at Fantasmic! in a reserved area, along with an entrée and appetizer or dessert or one full buffet, along with a non-alcoholic beverage. The lowest priced option remains the SciFi Dine-In at $51, with the most expensive restaurant being the Hollywood Brown Derby at $77 per person.

Here are all participating restaurants with new and previous pricing for Fantasmic! Dining Packages.

50's Prime Time Cafe

$54.00 Adults (previously $51)
$23.00 Kids (previously $22)

Hollywood & Vine Breakfast

$59.00 Adults (previously $54)
$39.00 Kids (previously $36)

Hollywood & Vine Lunch & Dinner

$75.00 Adults (previously $71)
$49.00 Kids (previously $47)

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano

$56.00 Adults (previously $54)
$23.00 Kids (previously $22)

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

$51.00 Adults (previously $49)
$23.00 Kids (previously $22)

The Hollywood Brown Derby

$77.00 Adults (previously $73)
$31.00 Kids (previously $29)

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Jrb1979Oct 29, 2023

They also have one of the best theme parks in the world in Eftling

James AlucobondOct 29, 2023

I think the bigger factor here is that they're disincentivized from fully closing things for the extended maintenance that attractions sometimes need because the few very popular ones are now massively critical to their profit engine. If they had enough worthwhile attractions to allow them to keep Genie+ valuable and shift around Individual Lightning Lane offerings, that would probably help, but three of the parks are horribly underbuilt from that perspective.

Stevie AmsterdamOct 29, 2023

Including our trip to New York (one week prior to WDW) we walked 215 kilometers / 134 miles this vacation and we still gained weight lol. We’re on the plane now about to leave. It’s gonna be salads and tap water for us for two weeks I’m afraid 😂

LilofanOct 28, 2023

It is unfortunate that all those things happened at WDW , but where you are from in the Netherlands is a great place to visit. Great food, sights, sounds and many historical sights. It is a place where we actually lost weight not by eating a lot but by doing lots of walking .

Figgy1Oct 28, 2023

or actual food;)

Stevie AmsterdamOct 28, 2023

Overall, we had a good time. It’s just that we lost so much time doing nothing. Thankfully we had that 14-day park hopping & waterpark included ticket from the UK, so when things got really bad we simply hopped to another park. Imagine you booked Epcot for the day, bought Genie+ and then find out that 4 of the rides are down. Crazy. I appreciate the empathy and advice, but I’m not a native English speaker and the lines for the guest experience teams were as long as the lines for the actual rides. We concluded that, compared to let’s say 10 years ago, it just isn’t a good decade to visit WDW from overseas. We will adjust our traveling plans and spending accordingly. Thanks for listening everyone 😃

Prince-1Oct 28, 2023

Well it’s not like napkins grow on trees.

LilofanOct 28, 2023

In parts of South America when paid for food and given your tray I was given (1) thin napkin, no more, no less. Other areas in the world are spoiled when it is help yourself to napkins.

"El Gran Magnifico"Oct 28, 2023

I’m thinking surge pricing is next. They’ll have some AI facial recognition algorithm that can determine how hungry you actually are. From there it’s easy peasy A bit hungry = cheeseburger $18 Kinda hungry = cheeseburger $22 I’m starving = cheeseburger $39.99

Animaniac93-98Oct 28, 2023

But if you pay in advances, you can save! Just like checked bags for your flight! 😁

AEfxOct 28, 2023

It's so cute you think that the napkins are even long for this's only a matter of time before they and just tell people to wipe their mouths with their hands and then go wash them.

AEfxOct 28, 2023

And that's just it...some would try to remind us that "the parks are open 365 days a year, downtime should be expected"...but the reality is that no, things should not be going wrong as consistently as they are, and a lot of it is due to the fact that they have gone from regular preventative maintenance of attractions to "fix it when it's broken and bad enough we have to". Unexpected down times themselves have also been exasperated by all the pre-planning/park reservations/phone FP lotteries/lack of park hopping nonsense, because it's no longer easy to just pop over to a park on a different day to catch the big attraction you missed. People are paying a huge amount of money to be there, especially these days, and missing key new attractions even though you are there for a week is just not acceptable.

Cmdr_CrimsonOct 28, 2023

At least they don't have pay per napkin.................Yet..

John park hopperOct 28, 2023

I see you are from the Netherlands. You have a lot more patience then I would have with WDW BS after traveling all that way and have so much stuff down. If it were me I'd demand a refund and Iger would be getting a scathing letter telling him he can take WDW and his price increases and shove it where the sun don't shine. No excuse for poor maintenance.