Spaceship Earth inspires new costume design for EPCOT's World Celebration Cast Members

Oct 02, 2023 in "EPCOT"

New World Celebration Cast Member costumes
Posted: Monday October 2, 2023 12:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cast Members in World Celebration at EPCOT have new costumes drawing inspiration from the triangles of Spaceship Earth.

The new costumes combine shades of gray with the triangle design running along one side and onto the arm. The EPCOT logo takes a prominent position at the top of one sleeve.

The new costume comes in a couple of color variations, aqua, green, and lavender, which can all be worn at the same location.

Cast Members are currently wearing the new costumes at EPCOT's main entrance, Spaceship Earth, Creations Shop, Connections Cafe, and outdoor vending kiosks.

Changes have yet to be made to costumes at The Land or Imagination! pavilions. The Seas with Nemo & Friends recently got an update to include a dual-use costume with Journey of Water Inspired by Moana.

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MagicHappens1971Oct 03, 2023

I was also gonna comment on this. When I was on my CP, my home costume was a Large Shirt & a 36 Pant, when I typically wear a M/L Shirt & 33/34 Pant. There were times I picked up at other locations and had to up to an XL shirt and a 38/40 pants. Disney sizing is very strange

castlecake2.0Oct 03, 2023

When costumes debut sometimes it takes people a while to find the right fit in “Disney” sizes

MagicHappens1971Oct 03, 2023

It is required, but not enforced.

James AlucobondOct 03, 2023

Ah, I see that now. Thanks for pointing it out! I definitely don’t think it looks correct with this kind of shirt, though I wish that they were generally tailored to be a bit shorter when untucked. At this length, they look better when essentially “belted” by the aprons in Connections.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 03, 2023

There is a cm in the photos wearing it tucked in, it looks good. It should be required. I’m not blaming the cm’s.

James AlucobondOct 03, 2023

They’re pretty athleisure-inspired and wouldn’t really look good as designed if tucked in, especially considering they zip all the way down and look more like a jacket. As far as size goes, good luck getting people to actually dress for their size anymore. The few people in the photos in Connections who look like they actually picked the right fit look really good, I think.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 03, 2023

They are fine but a bit overly casual. Wearing them oversized and untucked looks pretty sloppy. I prefer the previous button down shirts - a bit more dressy with the fancy buttons and the really cool spaceship earth blueprint earth design.

DreamfinderGuyOct 03, 2023

Going to be kinda sad seeing the Innoventions costumes finally get retired after their weird second life as costumes for Creations. It needed to be done of course, just bittersweet to see that last remaining remnant wiped away.

MagicHappens1971Oct 03, 2023

I'd imagine only if it's raining or something like that. They wouldn't have put the hood there if it served no purpose.

muddyriversOct 03, 2023

I like them, but don't like the hoodie piece. It makes their costumes look kind of sloppy and not professional. Does anyone know if they're allowed to put their hoods up and wear it like that or if the hood is just part of the costume for appearance?

Epcot82GuyOct 03, 2023

I was there this morning. They actually look good in person.

TiggerishOct 03, 2023

Nice! I like them.