Surprise Twist: Tiana's Bayou Adventure Final 52-Foot Drop Hidden Behind Mist

May 09, 2024 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure nighttime lighting test April 21 2024
Posted: Thursday May 9, 2024 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has started testing another effect at Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and this time, it's a significant change for the final 52ft plunge.

As we can see from this video shot last night by @caballero_ducky, the entrance to the ride's main drop is now concealed with a curtain of mist.

While we still don't know exactly what awaits riders at the peak of the lift hill, it will be a different experience from Splash Mountain, where riders had a clear view out into the park before the drop.

We still do not have an opening date for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, but as work wraps on the construction site, we expect an announcement very soon. The first previews are expected in June, with an official opening this summer.

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Figments Friend19 minutes ago

bwr82719 hours ago

It was plenty for me; I don’t work for the FTC. (I’m picturing bureaucrats who ask their grandkids how MySpace works.)

Consumer1 day ago

That is not adequate ad disclosure. It needs to be outright stated that this is a paid sponsorship.

CntrlFlPete1 day ago

I do not follow any influencers so I am not sure what all they are saying verse what the general public is saying. From what I have read in some threads around here, well, to me it seems like it needs to be compared to Splash or something as opposed to just judging it as TBA. After one ride through, my family is pleased with the makeover. Looking at it compared to other recent additions, well NRA has a great visual environment and one extremely impressive animatronic wrapped into a short ride. Here, we have a lot of very impressive animatronics and a wonderful visual environment in a lengthy ride that has a better pay off for the wait verses many shorter ride times around the park. My family is happy we have been on Splash (and other rides that have left the MK) and yet TBA is an attraction we will enjoy when we visit. I am also happy that I know I will enjoy future rides for there is a lot that I did not take in on one ride through.

Incomudro1 day ago

Hey, at least THIS Tiana isn't middle aged!

Unbanshee1 day ago

Well done. Honestly, the extreme hate for the company is as predictable as the extreme love - they just speak to different audiences, but neither are authentic

JD801 day ago

Like this? (This is just a gag, it's not real)

monothingie1 day ago

You don't get a $400 swag bag, special access, food, drinks, and other perks for giving negative reviews.

Tjaden1 day ago

Tha Realest1 day ago

Probably worried too much about it’s reliability a week out from official opening to reflect much on how it’s being recieved. Unless they’re looking at the fact it doesn’t seem to have moved the needle on bookings.

bwr8271 day ago

Um, what? The beauty influencer literally led with a statement thanking Disney for the invite and included the hashtag “hosted”. It’s 100% clear this is an ad/promo exchange between her and the company.

IMDREW1 day ago

Anybody know what the suits at Disney think about this whole project now?

celluloid1 day ago

Modern marketing has used content social media. I don't think it was polished like a televised bit or a Press release that generations past are typically used to pre opening. It was content. Not a tv spot. It went for straight forward pov which many companies do now for such experiences. For leads people are not liking the old promos in the marketing world the way they used to. So a pov is more common than ever. I think the pov accurately shows the product and the way it has been operating, which has not been great, even with the video omitting some of the flaws of the ride and framing. It's a fair representation of what is there with editing to try and elevate it and hide some of its flaws(minimal and subtle editing) Asking if it is a good commercial is a different question.

_caleb1 day ago

You think the TBA POV released by Disney sold TBA well? You’re saying that because ride designers use digital POV renders to design rides, that a dark, fixed-view POV video with poor audio is enough to judge whether the pacing, animatronics, soundtrack, all add up to an enjoyable experience in person? Oh, I’ve seen many of those. They were pretty good commercials for the rides back when they were released. Do you think the TBA POV was a good commercial for TBA?