American Heritage Gallery at EPCOT to Close Late May for Installation of George W. Bush's Portraits of Courage

May 09, 2024 in "The American Heritage Gallery"

George W. Bush Institute Portraits of Courage Exhibit to Debut at EPCOT
Posted: Thursday May 9, 2024 12:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The official Walt Disney World operating calendar now lists EPCOTs' American Heritage Gallery as closed from May 28 through June 6 2024 for installation of a new exhibit by former President George W. Bush.

Disney previously announced that it will open a new gallery at EPCOT's American Adventure pavilion titled "Portraits of Courage: A Commander's Tribute to America's Warriors." Featuring over 60 full-color portraits painted by former President George W. Bush, these portraits depict service members and veterans who have served since 9/11, all of whom President Bush got to know personally after his presidency.

This exhibit, which officially opens on June 9 and will run for a year, is a product of President Bush's dedication to veterans and the ongoing efforts of the Bush Institute's Veterans and Military Families program. According to Disney, the gallery aligns with its century-long history of supporting the U.S. military.

"Celebrating those who give so much to our country has been part of the fabric of The Walt Disney Company throughout our 100-year history," said Josh D'Amaro, Chairman, Disney Experiences. "We're grateful to the Bush Institute for allowing us to feature this special collection and share it with our guests."

Each portrait is paired with the subject's story, written by Bush, highlighting their courage in battle, recovery journey, and continued contributions as civilians. Ken Hersh, President and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, expressed his hope that visitors will gain a deeper appreciation for the service and sacrifices of the military community.

In addition to the artwork, the exhibit provides resources for veteran support, including access to no-cost mental and brain health care through a program detailed at

Disney's commitment to the military extends beyond this exhibition. Since 2012, the company has donated over twenty million dollars to nonprofits aiding veterans and military families. Disney also honors military personnel through its "Heroes Work Here" initiative and offers various discounts and special events for military families at its theme parks.

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TrainsOfDisney7 days ago

It’s very fitting… not sure anything could be more fitting - but it’s not an ideal place for a few reasons. That is a temporary display (“temporary” at Epcot can be a long time of course - but that gallery rotates frequently).

dreamfinding7 days ago

Well, I think the context of the art that just got installed is fitting for the American Adventure… The Native American display does need to stay. Plus, installations like these usually aren’t permanent.

castlecake2.07 days ago

Yahhhhh I’d prefer this in the actual gallery

EricsBiscuit7 days ago

They should have replaced the American Heritage Gallery exhibit instead of the classic Epcot Center art! Ayayay

dreamfinding7 days ago

IIRC, they had some different artifacts on display. I believe one of those was Louis Armstrong’s trumpet. It was more of a traveling display that eventually ended up in Downtown Disney.

DisneyDreamerxyz7 days ago

I remember when the movie Soul came out weren't all the paintings about jazz history ?

aladdin20077 days ago

Im surprised as well, it seems a bit jarring in the rotunda,,thought for sure it would go in the gallery,,,at the same time still glad to have the native American exhibit. But your right.

jeanericuser0017 days ago

That would explain the smell. 🤮

TrainsOfDisney7 days ago

The only downside of this - these replace the semi-permanent paintings of American History that set the tone and story of the American adventure. These modern paintings slightly clash with the rest of the Rotunda. The gallery space is where I assumed this was going - that has always been rotating exhibits. The positive side is, we have two exhibits - the President George Bush paintings and the Native American artifacts and exhibit.

Jambo Dad7 days ago

This deserves everyone’s thumbs up. 🥲

wdwmagic7 days ago

The existing gallery is unchanged, the new portraits are all in the rotunda.

JohnD7 days ago

Wow. I thought they were only going into the exhibit gallery, not the main rotunda. Maybe there are so many the portraits are in both?

TrainsOfDisney7 days ago

Oh so they are hanging on the walls of the rotunda! Are any of them in the gallery as well? Does the gallery still have the Native American displays?

wdwmagic7 days ago

Walt Disney World Unveils George W. Bush's 'Portraits of Courage' at EPCOT More photos at