EPCOT Forever expected to return to Walt Disney World for a third time

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Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2022 8:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following Disney's announcement that EPCOT's Harmonious nighttime spectacular will be closing in 2023, attention turns to the likely line-up of the park's nighttime shows during the year.

Although not announced, the final performance of Harmonious will likely occur alongside the conclusion of Walt Disney World's 50th celebration on March 31 2023.

We don't have an opening date for the currently unnamed new show, but Disney has given the vague timeline of late 2023. Should Harmonious end on March 31, and the new show make its debut in late 2023, expect to see EPCOT Forever return as an interim show.

Originally developed as an interim show to be performed between Reflections of Earth and Harmonious, EPCOT Forever requires little specific hardware in the lagoon, relying primarily on mobile launch platforms that can be brought out into the lagoon each day.

The first version of EPCOT Forever that debuted on October 1 2019 featured fireworks and stunt kites. and played until Walt Disney World's closure in 2020. The show resumed on July 1 2021 as firework shows returned to Walt Disney World after the pandemic shutdown. The second version dropped the stunt kites, but added more fireworks in their place. Its last performance was September 28 2021, making way for Harmonious on September 29.

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UNCgolf1 hour ago

I understand why the mandate exists from a business standpoint (i.e. why they think it's a good idea/important) but it's such a misreading of what made the parks so popular in the first place -- many (if not most) of Disney World's best attractions wouldn't exist if the mandate had always been in place, among other things. It also lowers overall quality. Not because using IP inherently makes for worse attractions, restaurants, etc., but because it hamstrings creativity. There's a significant loss of freedom to make the best possible product when designers are put into a box and only allowed to do certain things. There's certainly nothing wrong with using IP when it makes sense (and IP has always been part of Disney World), but forcing it leads to some terrible designs.

gianguy1 hour ago

That's really unfortunate. I knew of the IP mandate but I guess I just grossly underestimated how little wiggle room there actually is. I can see it though. In retrospect, if we're seeing it be pushed on smaller projects like restaurants and hotel rooms, I can't imagine they'd budge on one of their nighttime spectaculars.

wdwmagic1 hour ago

View of the lagoon from this morning. One of the tacos isn't powered on, and the fabric wraps are missing on the icon. Not sure if they were removed or ripped off by the storm.

wdwmagic1 hour ago

They have to use IP because it's one of Bob's tent poles and he won't budge on it. Nothing gets built without being an IP - simple as that.

gianguy1 hour ago

It would be interesting to see if they try to take the IP approach again, because for as much criticism as it has, Harmonious in it's current form is the only way I could see IP being used in a World Showcase lagoon show without feeling completely out of place. I think the whole "Disney songs in their native language" schtick is doing the absolute bare minimum, but I'd be curious to see how else they would try to incorporate IP without doing the same thing all over again (or something even worse). Leads me to believe they will attempt an original score unless it's just going to be Harmonious 2.0 with different songs used.

Crazydisneyfanluke3 hours ago

I believe Martin or Cliffx has a video of the whole show with the source for the globe.

jrhwdw5 hours ago

Looks like Harm survived............... Please let the same be true for F!

Vinnie Mac15 hours ago

Will miss Harmonious for the memories it did provide me with but I am beyond excited and intrigued with this new show.

Vinnie Mac15 hours ago

I'd imagine the heavy stuff like infrastructure and logistics have been figured out, but the actual concept of the show is still being figured out with pyro chorography coming sometime down the road.

castlecake2.023 hours ago

Currently Rose and Crown is scheduled to become dinner service only starting next week.

Rk2k523 hours ago

I honestly though Harmonious was one of the best shows ever. I am sad to see it go but I also hated the huge projectors in the lagoon during the day.

FigmentFan821 day ago

so lame that HEA was waxed because Harmonious muscled in on the majority of the songs. I like Disney songs as much as the next fan, but geez guys, figure that sh!t out!

Haymarket20081 day ago

Very well said. Captivating, mysterious and emotional are words I would also describe EPCOT as a whole before everything became surface level. There was depth there.

James Alucobond1 day ago

It could be in development prior to show design occurring if they’re considering infrastructure design and build as part of the process. I’d assume they’re working on something simpler than the purpose-built weirdness of the Harmonious barges.