Updated version of EPCOT Forever now showing at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Friday July 2, 2021 10:53pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT Forever 2.0 made its official debut tonight at a very rainy EPCOT as Walt Disney World sees a return of nightly firework spectaculars.

EPCOT has been without a nightly firework show since the park reopened from the COVID shutdown in July 2020.

Tonight's first public performance gives us a look at the new firework design that updates the show to replace the original kite sequence.

Although the new Harmonious hardware is very much on display in the center of the lagoon, it is not used in EPCOT Forever. EPCOT Forever does make use of the ten firework barge platforms that will also be used for the upcoming Harmonious show.

For July, EPCOT Forever takes place at 10pm nightly alongside park close.

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marni197121 days ago


Disone21 days ago

And it better be. I think I am not alone in thinking the same thing. Agree. But also why I assumed Harmonious, which truly with the amount of infrastructure they have built must be intended did to be a showstopper and not a stopgap. Disagree. Ignite is definitely the better show of the two. No question there. But Epcot forever definitely out powers Ignite in both terms of Firepower and variety of fireworks. Agree. I have very Happily Ever After 2.0 expectations of Harmonious. SeaWorld Orlando's Ignite is truly a happy accident. 9 minutes of keeping you guessing as to whats next. Truly an outstanding show and it's complimentary dance party is definitely the best theme park dance party any of the theme parks have ever offered. In Tomorrowland and in Dinoland Disney is well-known for its cringe-worthy dance parties. Sea world's electric ocean dance parties are actually fun and not cringe-worthy. They're also use effectively as a build-up to the Ignite nighttime spectacular and a wind down from that same show.

Soccerbrad21 days ago

@marni1971 Is Harm being designed as a showstopper? Or a long term “stop gap” so that people still show up for dinner and see a show as cheaply as possible?

Cre8iveN8ive22 days ago

Mickey says “Only you can prevent fores… I mean barge fires!” 🔥 The show is still missing an Inferno barge. 🤷‍♂️

Cre8iveN8ive22 days ago

Blast from the past here- That same show tech from the early 2000’s, back when it was Mistify, involved water-based projection screens.

mnelson322 days ago

🤣 Ok someone find a way to shut off the fountains! .

mnelson322 days ago

Sea Worlds Ignite could be even better if they decide to update the fountains to moving fountains and water screens.

trainplane322 days ago

When all effort goes out the window, stick a Pixar DVD in to make your average park guest happy. I still can't believe how good Ignite is. I'm glad Martin did a video on it in 2019. Planned to see it in 2020 and...welll...ya. While 2021 plans are locked in, I'll for sure see it in 2022.

mnelson322 days ago

Yeah asside from the screens, Sea Worlds Ignite and Universals Cinematic Celebration will still beat Harmonious. If World of Color had pyro it would still beat all of them.

SonnyEcipse22 days ago

Harmonious honestly just looks like an attempt at Happily Ever After but just at EPCOT. At least in terms of the idea.

MorphinePrince22 days ago

Eh, they're not that impressive tbh. Ive seen better from my local town's fourth of July show. Heck, Ignite at SeaWorld is more impressive than this mess.

Figments Friend22 days ago

All the latest flashy 'new show tech' does not guarantee a 'great show'. Nor a great Attraction in many cases. Sometimes, 'less is more'. Harmonious will not be 'less'....but 'too much' from a certain point of view in some respects. Your mileage may vary, as everyone has different opinions on various things. But i will say this : It has already proven to be 'too much' to deal with during the daytime for some of us.... NO nightime production should screw up the Guest views of a purposely built area desinged for scenic views 23 hours, 40 mins every single day. -

James Alucobond22 days ago

Absolutely. I agree on all counts. Just saying it's difficult to fathom Harmonious being less impressive or rewatchable. If it is, it will have failed spectacularly, which I guess might actually be nice in a forward-thinking sort of way since it might force them to deprecate some of the hardware earlier than they might have otherwise?

Jwhee22 days ago

Sheesh. Tough crowd. Even if you don’t know any of the Epcot inspired soundtrack; it is still an impressive presentation of pyrotechnics.