Minnie Mouse meet and greet at EPCOT to move to new location

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Mickey and Friends World Tour July 2020
Posted: Saturday January 1, 2022 2:38pn ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Minnie Mouse is on the move at EPCOT, as her time meeting guests at the front of the park near to Spaceship Earth comes to a close.

Beginning Sunday January 2 2022, you will be able to meet Minnie Mouse at the gazebo in World Showcase Plaza near to the Mexico pavilion.

Since the park reopened from the COVID shutdown, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse originally appeared in a cavalcade, and then later moved to the main entrance beneath Spaceship Earth.

Mickey Mouse made the move to the Imagination pavilion in late 2021, leaving Minnie, Goofy and Pluto at the front of the park.

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Nick_A1 day ago

I wonder how they’ll modify this. Maybe lay a rope down on the ground to establish a “boundary” to keep people away from the characters?

wannabeBelle1 day ago

I have run across this and it was so cute. I loved it and the interaction with the cast members was amazing!!!! Marie

tcool1231 day ago

Great to hear it wasn't cut to justify the new cavalcade. This is just one of those classic Disney magic experiences to me!

DCBaker1 day ago

Frontierland Hoedown is returning to Magic Kingdom on February 11th - https://allears.net/2022/01/27/frontierland-hoedown-to-return-to-disney-world-drafted-sm/

Nick_A2 days ago

Voctave is awesome!!!

Dranth2 days ago

Have your tried Voctave? They are mostly made up of ex/current members of VoL. Pretty amazing what they can do. Normally I wouldn't suggest someone spend much time in the cesspool that YouTube has turned into but anyone who hasn't seen/heard some of their Disney arrangements (or Broadway tunes) should give them a try.

mnelson32 days ago

Don’t think there’s even a glimmer of hope of that happening. If we want to see a light parade DL will be the place to be later this year.

Goofyernmost2 days ago

How about country western in England or perhaps the Beatles in American adventure.

90s2 days ago

Yes I remember them well! Last time I went there in November, there was an act with some neon jump ropes.

UNCgolf2 days ago

My issue is that it doesn't fit the theme of the area. Any kind of modern music is going to feel out of place there, regardless of where it comes from. It's like if they were having a Star Wars meet and greet in Liberty Square.

Nick_A2 days ago

I’ve seen the magician a few times recently.

jrhwdw2 days ago

Here's an idea!!!! Let's get Dates for the Spectaculars the are supposed to return this year before WDW has another DJ Man Bun on MK's Train Station Fiasco!!!! PTN would be a welcome surprise also!!!

dreday32 days ago

And with Flying Fish opening, more foot traffic, I'm thinking the smaller stands/games will start opening up again too!

ToTBellHop2 days ago

That’s awesome news. It felt so lifeless back there last year.