New Summer 2023 Ticket Offer for California Residents at Disneyland Resort

Jun 06, 2023 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Tuesday June 6, 2023 11:01am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

For a limited time, California residents can visit Disneyland Resort from $83 per person, per day with a new special ticket offer starting today.

These 3-day, 1-Park per day tickets start at $249 for admission Mondays through Thursdays, or as low as $299 ($100 per day) for admission any day β€” including weekends β€” for eligible guests.

Upgrades such as Park Hopper tickets or Disney Genie+ service are also available.

California residents may redeem their tickets on any three eligible days from June 12-Sept. 28, 2023, subject to park reservation availability.

Valid admission and park reservation for the same park on the same date are required for park entry.

Important details:

Offer valid only for California residents within ZIP codes 90000-96199; proof of eligible residency, including valid government-issued photo ID, is required for purchase and admission. Tickets expire 9/28/2023 and are not valid before 6/12/2023. Tickets may be used on nonconsecutive days. Monday through Thursday tickets are blocked out every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the ticket validity period. Subject to restrictions and change or cancellation without notice. Sales may be paused from time to time or terminated at any time.

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NobodyElseJun 08, 2023

This might be my old sentimental favorite: And this spot certainly has history (even though Lawry's owns it now): Five Crowns Brief History I'm curious to hear your pick.

ParteeciaJun 08, 2023

Makes sense. Discount tickets are more profitable per visit than passes.

PiratesMansionJun 08, 2023

Then again, they've aggressively blocked out passholders during most of summer for as long as I've been visiting (10 years), which has resulted in crowds lower than they would otherwise be. Likely lower than DL wants them to be. Perhaps they've finally gotten to the point where the number of tourists coming just isn't enough for them, but at the same time they can't just straight up unlock AP tiers without causing chaos, hence the ticket deals.

CaptinEOJun 08, 2023

Sounds like they got too aggressive in their high up date based pricing.

mickEbluJun 08, 2023

Dammit was hoping for no weekends at least.

truecoatJun 08, 2023

The $83 per day is Mon-Thurs and the $99 per day is good every day.

SuddenStormJun 08, 2023

Some backstage roles were eliminated early May, however in park ops wasn't touched.

chadwpalmJun 08, 2023

The bigger question is if Disney is losing stream. I've found the Disney Parks to be the last holdout on the company losing money just because the parks are so popular. AFAIK the last round of layoffs did not touch the parks. It's natural to wonder if people are also staying away from the parks for the same reasons they are staying away from the theaters/televisions. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

DLR92Jun 07, 2023

Is Disneyland losing steam?

TP2000Jun 07, 2023

I am the one man Fun Committee for my family when we all convene at the SoCal beach house later this summer. I had a text list from the kids with their preferred activities this summer, which I then organize and buy tickets/reservations for. Disneyland wasn't on the list this year. The kids (young married adults) and my younger sister and her husband are over it, and I'm okay with that. Wild Animal Park made the list, sea kayaking made it, Roger's Gardens up in Fashion Island paired with OC's new modern art museum and dinner at an old fave Corona Del Mar restaurant made it. Disneyland didn't. I'm making a pitch for Knott's Berry Farm to see the new Fiesta Village and dinner at Mrs. Knotts, and so far the kids seem amenable to that. But Disneyland? Nope. It's seen as far too convoluted and hectic and overwrought (Lightning Lane is different than Lightning Lane A La' Carte, but you have to buy Genie+ for the first one and do not pass Go or collect $200) to go to Disneyland for nothing much new. Can't say I blame them. And so I can't say I blame TDA for doing locals discounts for summer.

PhroobarJun 07, 2023

Why do I have to buy three days? One day at $89 is enough.

maliceJun 07, 2023

I’m surprised the tickets are valid through HalloweenTime.

SoCalDisneyLoverJun 07, 2023

Losing Fantasmic! as well as having no water ride for the whole summer, is definitely going to cause a hit to attendance. They've also paused sales of Keys again, so this will get people interested in going, and maybe even some with Keys that are essentially blocked out for the summer, to buy these so they can go 3 times in the summer.

CaptinEOJun 07, 2023

Their demand based pricing makes what should be crowded days the lightest days.