Disney announces the long awaited return of the parking lot trams at Walt Disney World

Dec 02, 2021 in "Parking Trams"

TTC Magic Kingdom Parking Lot Trams December 2020
Posted: Thursday December 2, 2021 5:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has this evening announced that parking trams will be returning to service at the Walt Disney World theme parks in a phased reopening.

Magic Kingdom parking lot trams will resume later in December 2021, with the other parks seeing a return throughout 2022. 

The trams have been out of service at all four Walt Disney World theme parks since they reopened in July 2020 due to physical distancing requirements and labor shortages. Guests are required to walk from their cars to the main entrances.

Lack of tram service has been a source of a great deal of guest complaints, and even reached late night TV with Stephen Colbert mocking Disney for not proving the service to its guests.

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G00fyDad2 days ago

They looked pretty rough. I don't know that anyone said anything. LOL

RoadiJeff2 days ago

I hope the crowd clapped as those four were led away. I would have enjoyed watching the show. :)

Disone2 days ago

I would have loved to watch this🙂. Thanks for sharing.

solidyne2 days ago

I love a happy ending!

G00fyDad3 days ago

That's the way it is everywhere. It doesn't matter what you're doing or what you're waiting on. People do that all the time. My wife had me take her to an annual sale at a bath bomb location across the river from us in Louisville and despite getting there at 5:00 a.m. and being the first people in a line that stretched all the way to the middle of the mall and around the corner out of sight people did this very thing to us as the place opened. 5 minutes before the doors opened and the gate went up at the store four women walked up right in front of the gate and stood there. One of them told the others that they probably shouldn't be cutting the line and another one told her that we can all go to hell and that she's not going to wait in a line like an idiot. This sale is so nuts that they actually have Louisville Metro Police Department officers on hand. As soon as the gate went up in all four women tried to rush the door in front of us and the police officer stopped all of them and walked them to the end of the line. You're going to have sanctimonious narcissistic self-righteous a-holes no matter where you go. Disney is no different.

Lilofan3 days ago

Biertgarden at Epcot as an example free for age 2 and under.

Nottamus3 days ago

We started driving last 4 trips and only on this last trip to AK there were trams running and here’s my story: People are butt heads. In the parking lot waiting for tram to show- waiting in line and then tram shows up and people jump in front of you - taking the row you waited for. It’s a mad house. At least in October when we went More relaxing to walk.

ToTBellHop3 days ago

How much weight has this decision helped you all lose? I stay on-site so I wouldn’t know. Imma be on the bus like

aaronml3 days ago

So “the other site” posted that WDW has removed language from their site that said that Team service would be restored to all parks by EOY, seemingly indicating that Disney has reneged on this :( I’m curious if trams will ever come back for Epcot and DHS.

KsearcyJun 05, 2022

Soooooooo glad to finally see trams running again at DAK…a welcome sight!

larryzMay 07, 2022

A Guest Assistance Card?

MisterPenguinMay 07, 2022

Oh, Christine... you're such a card!!

celluloidMay 07, 2022

The strength of nose exhaling rejecting the scent of copious amounts of spray on sunscreen and the riddle will be "how can I keep affording this?"

celluloidMay 07, 2022

Kids menu.