'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' mocks Disney for still not returning Walt Disney World parking lot trams into service

Oct 29, 2021 in "Parking Trams"

Posted: Friday October 29, 2021 12:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Stephen Colbert took to his show to ridicule Disney for still not having any parking lot tram service to its theme parks despite being reopened for more than a year.

In a segment about "Economy-wide decline in service quality," Colbert said Disney is "forcing visitors to walk nearly a mile to enter the parks."

He went to say that this being Disney, they have rebranded it "Simba's Boiling Asphalt Stroll."

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs on CBS and has been the top late-night program in the United States for the past four seasons.

Despite occasionally repositioning the trams around the parking lots at the parks, they are still out of service. Although Colbert's comments about a mile walk are slightly exaggerated, depending on the parking lot, it can be a long walk that must be repeated at the end of the day.

With COVID-related social distancing long gone at the parks, many guests are concluding that the lack of tram service is now simply a case of labor-saving.

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JMcMahonEsq27 days ago

you mean in reality, not make believe fan board land?

HauntedPirate27 days ago

He gets it, right out of his Econ 101 textbook. Things are always great in Theoryville.

cranbiz27 days ago

Garages are a great idea and would be a convenience for the guests. RCID can float the bonds to build them............................ Oh crap, RCID is going away. Thanks Bob2 and Ronnie. Scrap that idea. Normal Guest parking just went up to $50 to pay for them.

MrPromey31 days ago

That's not even what I was saying, here. I know you don't get it but it's cool. 👍

buckeyegator31 days ago


JMcMahonEsq31 days ago

I don't get it? You don't reduce prices just because your costs decrease. You reduce prices because the market isn't willing to pay your current price. If your costs decrease and the market is still willing to pay your current price, its winner winner chicken dinner time.

MrPromey31 days ago

Personally, I'm just glad they recognized that this lack of service in these two lots standing in stark contrast to the other two was a good enough reason to reduce the price of parking for Epcot and Hollywood Studios until such services are eventually restored. I mean, presumably, that was what some of that higher parking fee was going towards, right?

JohnDJan 05, 2023

Which is what mothballs are really supposed to do. Why does grandma's place smell the way it does? Probably because she has something in encased in mothballs to protect it.

DisneyCaneJan 05, 2023

A garage would take up a smaller footprint thereby reducing the amount of solar panels that could be installed over the parking. An enormous amount of energy would need to be used to build the unnecessary garage. There may be some kind of incentive to put solar panels over the parking lot but there must be a reason that none of the on property solar farms were built over any lot.

wdwmagicJan 05, 2023

Oxford dictionary defintion :) stop using (a piece of equipment or a building) but keep it in good condition so that it can readily be used again.

AlanzoJan 05, 2023

I thought mothballed meant "a project we're not working on".

KamikazeJan 04, 2023

I know it is. Thats why I was asking what they meant by their post.

AylaJan 04, 2023

'Mothballed' is a frequently used term in the US and as you said, 'ghost fleet' is nowhere near the same thing.

KamikazeJan 04, 2023

Are you trying to say 'mothballed' isn't a term used in the US? Ghost fleet isn't really the same thing, as thats typically used as a 'reserve'. Meaning you have one fleet operating and you have the 'ghosts' for backup. This isn't the case with the trams as there are no operating vehicles at these two parks.