Parking Trams

Walt Disney World

More Walt Disney World parking lot trams to return to service ahead of the summer season
5 months ago

Parking trams resume service at Walt Disney World's Transportation and Ticket Center serving Magic Kingdom
10 months ago

Disney announces the long awaited return of the parking lot trams at Walt Disney World
10 months ago

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' mocks Disney for still not returning Walt Disney World parking lot trams into service
1 year ago


Length: 171 feet
Weight empty: 12 tons
Weight full: 24 tons
Cars per tram: 7 cars
Seats per car: 6 seats
Occupancy per seat: 5 persons
Total occupancy: 210 persons
Maximum speed: 14 mph
Old engine type: 8 cylinder
New engine type: 5 cylinder turbo charged
Number of trams WDW owns: 28 trams
Cost per tram: $1 million each