Parking Trams

Walt Disney World

Tram fleet appears to be being readied for a return to service at the Magic Kingdom's Transportation and Ticket Center
15 days ago

Activity at EPCOT'S Parking Trams hints at a possible return to operation
1 month ago

PHOTO - New look parking trams to feature monorail colors and quieter ride
4 years ago


Length: 171 feet
Weight empty: 12 tons
Weight full: 24 tons
Cars per tram: 7 cars
Seats per car: 6 seats
Occupancy per seat: 5 persons
Total occupancy: 210 persons
Maximum speed: 14 mph
Old engine type: 8 cylinder
New engine type: 5 cylinder turbo charged
Number of trams WDW owns: 28 trams
Cost per tram: $1 million each