Walt Disney World Monorail System returns to EPCOT after 16 month closure

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EPCOT Monorail Beam reopening July 18 2021
Posted: Sunday July 18, 2021 10:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The EPCOT beam is once again in operation as The Walt Disney World Monorail System returns to service at EPCOT today.

Monorail Blue departed from the Transportation and Ticket Center at 9:55am for arrival into EPCOT at 10am. Operating hours are currently one hour before park opening, and one hour after park closing.

Guests riding the monorail are seeing a very different view of Future World from back in March 2020 when the monorail was last in operation.

Click the gallery for more pictures from the EPCOT monorail beam.

As well as the monorail returning to operation, the EPCOT monorail station signage has been updated with the new visual design that we are seeing throughout the entrance area.

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Disone7 days ago

No news. It is operating normally with two trains.

lightguy7 days ago

Any news on whether the epcot monorail is open today?

MM3118 days ago

I can say I’ve been in the park since open and haven’t seen a single monorail come through so sounds about right.

Ayla8 days ago

The Epcot monorail has been unavailable so far today, according to reports.

Beacon Joe8 days ago

MK lines were so unbearable yesterday... that's exactly what we ended up doing. Resort loop a few times, and then xfer to the EPCOT loop to ride a few circuits and take a nap. Still beats what I'd be doing at work this week.

Andrew M8 days ago

Yes, we were there in March 2020 and it was already behind security then.

Disone10 days ago

Pretty sure You are behind security. You were already screened at TTC and the exit ramp is behind the new security check points. I think this may have already been remedied prior to the closure but won't swear to it.

wdwmagic10 days ago

No security needed at EPCOT having been screened at the TTC.

JohnD10 days ago

How is security handled? Are you now behind security, having gone through it at the TTC or do you have to re-enter security as previously?

Animaniac93-9810 days ago

IMO the EPCOT Monorail is one of the park's best rides...and you don't even need a ticket to ride it!

Nick_A14 days ago

But at least they are getting parades back!

MansionButler8414 days ago

Only Disneyland leaves transport systems abandoned.