Emergency crews evacuate guests from monorail breakdown at Walt Disney World

Oct 31, 2023 in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

Monorail Yellow refurbished - March 2021
Posted: Tuesday October 31, 2023 11:12am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Monorail Yellow suffered a sudden failure this morning as it was carrying guests on the EPCOT beam at Walt Disney World.

UPDATE 11:35am - Statement from Walt Disney World. "This morning, the monorail experienced a flat tire near the EPCOT parking lot toll plaza. No guests or cast members have reported injuries, and all passengers were safely evacuated."

Fox35 is reporting a quote from a passenger Kris Lenk that told the news station, "There was a loud bang explosion, and then we kind of saw a big flash of light. After that, the monorail slowed down."

Reedy Creek has confirmed to local news outlets that a Disney monorail was stuck and that Reedy Creek Fire Department and Orange County Fire Department responded.

Social media posts show emergency crews evacuating guests with hydraulic lifts.

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Andrew25Nov 01, 2023

When needed (post-Fireworks), Disney can load an entire Monorail in under 2 1/2 minutes. Not to mention that ECVs take a good chunk of time to load onto buses. Math is completely wrong lol At 4-minute dispatches with 360 guests per monorail that's 5.4K guests an hour. A bus can only do 1K if they magically find a way to dispatch every 4 minutes. Monorails can do 5.1x passengers than a bus can do. Skyliner THRC - 4.5K People Mover THRC - 3.6K I've seen them turnaround Monorails post-fireworks at MK in 2.5 minutes, that's 8.6K an hour.

DisoneNov 01, 2023

You can dispatch two trains in the amount of time it takes to load one bus. The monorail has 12 points of entry to do a massive load all at once where the bus has at best two. The monorail can load and unload at the same time whereas the bus cannot do this. Because the infrastructure for the monorails allows for this to happen as does the natural design of a monorail versus a bus. 6 lines for bus guests to stand in the board six different buses and then synchronize the dispatch of those six different buses to arrive at the other side..... There's some fuzzy math in those hourly capacity numbers you shared. They are suspect as An express train can run around trip in about 10 minutes. That's not shocking considering a round trip on the resort line with all of the resort stops is about 20 minutes. So take out those resorts stops and yes 10 minutes or faster.... If there are only three ( and many/most times there are four express trains running) @300 people per train, I'm rounding down, You are running 900 people every 10 minutes or 5400 per hour with three trains. A single trains capacity for the hour would be greater than 1440. Well unless it blows a tire. :)

Disstevefan1Nov 01, 2023

Oh boy! Many years ago during a lightning storm the monorail stopped. And they brought over those stairs mounted on trucks and I figured we would go down the stairs and there would be some sort of transportation. There was nothing. In the middle of nowhere, folks just scattered like wet rats. I remember we were running in the pouring rain and thunder and we got to the Poly and I pulled on the nearest door and it was locked. We eventually found a door that opened. We got nothing. It was like it never happened. But I still love the monorails.

Disstevefan1Nov 01, 2023

I love the WDW monorails. Its really an attraction that is also a form of transportation. I loved riding in the front. its too bad they took that away.

KamikazeNov 01, 2023

WDW monorail capacity is 360 people every 4-5 minutes. I'll even call it 4 just to make you understand how bad it is. Thats 1440 guests per hour. Yes. Thats it. You cannot scale their capacity or the number of trains on the line. Two lines = double that, so lets call it an even 3000. Round numbers are easier. Buses hold up to roughly 70 guests, lets say there are people not being great and call it 60. So only 6 buses = 1 monorail train. Why would you find it hard to believe that with proper line management, they couldn't get 7 lines that would average dispatching one bus every 4 minutes? Because that is already higher capacity, by 16%. The hold up here would be having the drivers to make this happen. I'm not advocating for replacing everything with buses, even though they are the most flexible and fit the 'peaks and valleys' guest flow the best. The actual solution is a constant load system, like Skyliner or PeopleMover. While the capacity is still maxed at whatever can run through in an hour and you can't scale, constantly moving lines are always preferred by guests. And getting to the point where you can have a higher capacity than the monorail is easy, provided you have a system that loads onto the constantly moving system fast enough. Do you know what the OHRC for the TTA is? Nearly 5000. Almost 2000 riders per hour higher than the combination capacity of BOTH monorail lines. The ferries, yes, they fit tons of people, and move them pretty well. Another boat or two would make things even faster, but they'd have to dock them during the day when they're needed.

Disstevefan1Nov 01, 2023

I WANT ONE!! Actually two, one to keep and one to trade :)

artvandelayNov 01, 2023

Double Guns, Chippah!

DisoneNov 01, 2023

So just out of curiosity, are you suggesting that a combo of buses and ferry boats could better transport people from the ticket transportation center and MK resorts to the front entrance of the magic kingdom then the current standard combination of monorail and ferry boats? Because honestly that is clearly not the case. There is no scenario in which that is the case. And yet you seem to insist that the monorail is not efficient in Today's wdw. You might be able to make your argument for the Epcot beam. But there is no way you can make your argument for the resort and express beams. The monorail beats the smack out of the buses and it's not even close. Not. Even. Close.

monorail81Oct 31, 2023

Or there’s going to be a new LE 100,000,000 Own A Piece of the Magic pin that‘s going to be hitting the shelves soon.

CliffOct 31, 2023

Exactly,...they are not staying on top of Disney Transportation inspections properly! C'mon CFTOD,..get with the program, do your job and crack-down on this safety stuff.

JoeCamelOct 31, 2023

So the guys were just deciding how to cut it up for ebay sales?

monorail81Oct 31, 2023

That’s why I was confused then. 😂 Most of the tires are the ones that you can see if you stand under the train. The ones most people can’t see (the load tires) are basically dump truck tires. And I didn’t see anything that looked like either of those. Given a bellow was damaged, I’d put my money that a load tire blew. Wouldn’t be the first time…

JoeCamelOct 31, 2023

I'm mistaken then

monorail81Oct 31, 2023

That is not a tire. That is one of the accordion bellows from between the cars.