New color scheme coming to the Disney World Monorail station at the Transportation and Ticket Center

27 days ago in "Walt Disney World Monorail System"

TTC Monorail Station repainting - July 5 2021
Posted: Tuesday July 6, 2021 8:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new color scheme is coming to the Walt Disney World Monorail station at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

As we have seen elsewhere at the TTC, shades of blue are replacing the purple colors on the ceiling and the support poles.

Stripes are currently being painted over the top of the beam inside the station on both the Express and Resort lines. The stripes over the EPCOT line are already complete.


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Movielover26 days ago

And I had just gotten "If You Had Wings" out of my head, thanks... Going to be awake all night hearing that now.

HauntedPirate26 days ago

Wow, that’s a memory from my younger years, off in the dusty corners of my brain!

michmousefan26 days ago

Anyone else old enough to get some Eastern Airlines vibes from those stripes?

castlecake2.026 days ago

It’s in an interesting spot theming wise. Do you make it match Main Street? But it provides transport to other places too. Disney Springs look would be nice, and would compliment the ferry boats, but what about the monorails. I’m not sure what theme would work best here, seems like imagineers didn’t either so now we have 1970s transit hub.

Splashin' Ryan26 days ago

The fact that most of the lighting is still linear fluorescent tube lighting has always put me off. If the area got the facelift that say, Disney Springs got around their area with brick finishes, landscaping, etc I'd be much happier. The TTC has always looked like a concrete wasteland and I don't see much hope seeing that they just expanded some of it and copied the design of the original look.

Smiley/OCD26 days ago

FWIW, I LOVE the road sign color combo…It’s so unlike the typical roadway signs, you REALLY know when you’re on property…but that’s just me.

Parker in NYC26 days ago

When I was young, I prayed for lightning (not McQueen).

MorphinePrince26 days ago

I'm gonna run right to, to the edge with you where we can both fall far in love 😍

MorphinePrince26 days ago

Amazing what a good coat of paint will do to an area that's always looked like a dump! Glad they finally spruced the TTC up!

Otamin26 days ago

A very welcome change.

Parker in NYC27 days ago

:confused: It's hot to feel the rush. To brush the dangerous.

castlecake2.027 days ago

TTC would look good with an EPCOT main entrance re do, but this is nice as well.

91JLovesDisney27 days ago

I think it looks nice - nothing super exciting, but nice

Nick_A27 days ago

Very happy that the 90’s purple is going away. This is a good change.