New Disney World 50th anniversary blue and gold color scheme moves into the Transportation and Ticket Center

12 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Transportation and Ticket Center new color scheme - April 28 2021
Posted: Friday April 30, 2021 10:51a ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Gateway to the Magic Kingdom, the Transportation and Ticket Center, is being updated with the new blue and gold color scheme for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

The EPCOT monorail entrance sign is currently being worked on, with the majority of the blue and gold already complete.

The billboard poster kiosks have also been updated with the new color - a change from the old purple color scheme that featured heavily at the TTC.

Even the drinking water fountains have been updated with the new look.

The blue and gold look takes design cues from the new look Cinderella Castle, and has also been seen at the TTC parking plaza, as well as at the roadway gateways leading into Disney World property.

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91JLovesDisney9 days ago

Every time I see those signs (the old paint job) I think it makes Magic Kingdom look dated and cheap. As a guest, it's pretty much the first part of Disney you see, so it's gotta look nice. That's just my opinion. Glad they decided to repaint!

zarpman9 days ago

Not sure of the exact year, but the Transportation and Ticket Center colors were meant to match the Disney road signs when the "Disney Transport" brand was introduced (1989 I think, but I'm open for correction). That's also when the buses and trams moved from the orange and brown colors. Now that the buses have moved on, it's time for the TTC to change as well. Unfortunately, it's going to take more than some character wraps to dress this area up. Maybe some classic topiaries? It doesn't need to be flashy; it just needs to not look dated.

Magicart8710 days ago

I think I can safely say after seeing more than enough paint jobs of late that Disney was clearly inspired by the color scheme of: and in that order!

vikescaper10 days ago

I was watching @marni1971’s transportation video and there is footage of the old ferry sign. I’m assuming the monorail signage at the TTC was the same.

Skywise10 days ago

I'm serious though - are there any pics of the original signage? I don't think it started that way did it?

fox_19811 days ago

Man, I'm really going to miss all the old 90s color schemes and designs around property.

Tom Morrow11 days ago

Yeah. Paint jobs aren't enough. The TTC is the by far the ugliest spot in the entire resort and sets such a poor first impression for what is often the first park most people visit.

peter1143511 days ago

It’s obviously unfinished. It’s laughable that some on here are unsure of that

The Great Gonzo11 days ago

This has to be the unfinished look. Disney wouldn't leave it like this.

brb100611 days ago

Yeah, it's been long overdue for the TTC to get a modernized look.

WondersOfLife12 days ago

It looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person! :-)

Disney Analyst12 days ago

They need to completely replace most of this. The architecture is dated and clunky. The TTC should be modern and sleek.

Skywise12 days ago

I dunno... I was never fond of the old purple either but I'm not sure this is any better - About the same for me but I think I just don't think much of the signage overall. Was this the original signage when Epcot opened? I did a little googling but can't seem to find any others.