TUMI permanently closes at Disney Springs

Nov 03, 2020 in "TUMI"

TUMI overview
Posted: Tuesday November 3, 2020 3:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Premium Travel store TUMI, located in the Town Center at Disney Springs, has permanently closed.

Located near to Anthropologie store in the middle of the Town Center, TUMI carried a range of travel, business & lifestyle bags, accessories and luggage. It originally opened in August 2016.

The store did reopen following the COVID-19 closure, but has since closed and will now not reopen.

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RSoxNo1Nov 21, 2020

Did the Rustic Cuff kiosk close the day before?

Benjamin_NicholasNov 21, 2020

See, more trinkety-crap for the masses. They'll love it.

LilofanNov 20, 2020

Pleasurable break from the kids? RIP Pleasure Island.

TrainsOfDisneyNov 20, 2020

Not sure what to call it either but it sounds great. Almost like an island away from the theme parks.

ObobruNov 20, 2020

Good idea! They should built something like Citywalk with some nighttime entertainment, bars, maybe a comedy place but with a Disney level of theming. Can't think of what to call it but it would be a pleasurable break from the parks and kids.

Benjamin_NicholasNov 11, 2020

See, and I don't think DS is high-end or all that high-dollar. It's no Bal Harbour Shops. They had a few spots where you could drop some coin, but clearly that didn't work because they're closing some of those. Disney will figure it out. The great thing about Disney folk is that they give the company instant, constant feedback about things that happen on property. Disney doesn't need to worry much about focus grouping I'd imagine.

_calebNov 11, 2020

I agree that Downtown Disney felt more like being in the bubble, but I really like Disney Springs. Mostly because when I’m there, I’m at WDW and on vacation. It feels like, well, a shopping mall, but maybe pretty good one. In some ways, it’s like Disney doesn’t have confidence itsel—as though a more “Disney” feel wasn’t “upscale” enough for the shopping/entertainment district?

Grumpy4196Nov 11, 2020

Downtown Disney at least felt like you were still in the "Disney Bubble" Disney Springs is just another high dollar outdoor mall like you can find in any major city. It looks nice but it has 0% charm.

senor_jorgeNov 09, 2020

When convention/conference business went away so did a lot of the customer base for that location. Twenty plus years ago, after dinner and drinks at Disney Springs a TUMI purchase might have seemed like a good idea when I was on the road a lot.

JoeCamelNov 09, 2020

Or rebuild it into something else again.

Benjamin_NicholasNov 09, 2020

That's not a problem. Disney can ultimately just fill empty spaces with their own concoctions. Company-brand merch that will sell like hotcakes to the mouse-loving masses. Disney Springs has far too much money in it now to let Disney give up on it. They will make it work, by hook or by crook.

ryguyNov 09, 2020

The stores need to be unique, something you don't see at every mall in America.

JoeCamelNov 09, 2020

Problem is Disney still wants the high end rent. Those places can't pay the rent and the high end stores don't get enough traffic to support their model. Sounds like DS is doomed - again