PHOTOS - Anthropologie opens two-story store at Disney Springs Town Center

Jul 22, 2016 in "Anthropologie"

Anthropologie overview
Posted: Friday July 22, 2016 12:49pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Anthropolgie opened one of its flagship stores at Disney Springs in the Town Center earlier today.

The two story store offers an eclectic range of women's clothing, accessories, home furnishings and beauty products.

You can find Anthropologie across from the bus entrance into the Town Center, near to Zara and the Welcome Center.  Operating hours are 10am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and 10am to 11:30pm.

Click the gallery for more photos of Anthropologie at Disney Springs.

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JUFL2019Jul 23, 2016

Uniqlo, Columbia, Superdry, Shore, Tommy Bahama, Johnston and Murphy, Under Armor, Volcom, Zara. Not to mention Levis and Oakley opening soon.

21stampsJul 22, 2016

When I'm at Disney Springs we're buying Legos, christmas ornaments, and a few toys. I don't clothes/accessories shop in Orlando. But I have to say- a 2 story Anthropologie will definitely be a quick stop for me!!!! This one I'm excited about! Does anyone know if there are any kids clothing stores that have opened or coming? Janie and Jack would be great!

nicb88Jul 22, 2016

I knew it was coming, but isn't it great? Another women's fashion store!... As many have mentioned, there is very little for guys at DS which is a huge shame. Perhaps as time goes on and stores come and go, more male-orientated outlets will appear!

GlasgowJul 22, 2016

Yeah, i dont get it. Who buys high end clothes on vacation? Perhaps foreign visitors?Alternatively, if its directed at locals, there are only so many. Very interested to see how these stores fare and how DS evolves.

hokielutzJul 22, 2016

Not wanting to be johnny raincloud.... but with all of these upscale stores... I wonder if in 6-12 months there are going to be some vacancies of stores that can't cut it.

Andrew CJul 22, 2016

I'll meet you there!

The Empress LillyJul 22, 2016

:cautious: * goes back to complain about evil Disney in a GotG thread :p *

danlb_2000Jul 22, 2016

Yes, the requirement that Disney has imposed that everyone has to spend at least on day of the vacation in Disney Springs is pretty unreasonable.

The Empress LillyJul 22, 2016

Yes. Sorry, wasn't aimed at you, but at Disney. The recent Marvel superhero overlay rumours have dealt a hammer blow to my pixie dust level.

JenniferSJul 22, 2016


The Empress LillyJul 22, 2016

I can't wait to spend my next $18k Disney vacation in a shopping mall! It will totally make me feel like home!

JenniferSJul 22, 2016

With every new restaurant and store opening, I revisit my calendar for our upcoming trip. Disney Springs has now been allocated two evenings, and a half day on our departure day. I would never have considered spending that much time at Downtown Disney.