Rustic Cuff opens at Disney Springs for a third time in a new location

Nov 19, 2020 in "Rustic Cuff"

Rustic Cuff in the Town Center
Posted: Thursday November 19, 2020 2:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Rustic Cuff is back at Disney Springs, this time in the Town Center.

The store, which sells statement cuffs and charm bracelets, can now be found in the former TUMI location, across from Sephora.

Originally, Rustic Cuff opened as pop-up store early in 2020, replacing Erwin Pearl just across from Wine Bar George. The store was short lived however, closing along with the rest of Disney Springs due to COVID-19 in mid-March. It then moved to a kiosk in The Landing near to Paddelefish.

The original Rustic Cuff store is currently being transformed into Gideon's Bakehouse.

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RSoxNo1Nov 20, 2020

When did the kiosk close?

SirwalterraleighNov 20, 2020

Maybe it’s time to tell this store: “She’s just not that into you”

ObobruNov 20, 2020

Must be a huge demand for cuff links in Florida, I work in the City of London and even people here under 50 don't wear them anymore.

WDWtravelerAug 06, 2020

Photo update as of Thursday, August 6, 2020.

RSoxNo1Aug 05, 2020

You're right on Lovepop, I think 6/10 was it's reopening date post COVID. It was re-located from Marketplace Co-Op in March of 2019.

MickeyMouse10Aug 04, 2020

What??? Is this a thing people need a special store or kiosk for? You figured this would just be a section in a clothing store.

Magic FeatherAug 04, 2020

A couple notes: Rustic Cuff actually did reopen for a short while post-virus reopening. Admittedly it was a matter of days, but I’m under the impression that it was open. LovePop’s Kiosk opened in early 2020 (Feb IIRC), and it was the successor to a kiosk in the center of the Marketplace Co-op that was there for a while

RSoxNo1Aug 04, 2020

For those keeping track at home: Rustic Cuff storefront debuted 2/7/2020 Rustic Cuff's storefront did not re-open after the Coronavirus Lovepop kiosk debuted 6/10/2020 Lovepop kiosk had its last day of operation 7/26/2020 Rustic Cuff's kiosk debuted 8/3/2020 Lovepop's storefront should debut later this year