PHOTO - Concept art of the new M&M'S Store coming to Disney Springs

Jan 23, 2020 in "M&M'S Store"

M&M'S Store Disney Springs concept art

Disney has released a piece of concept art showing the new Disney Springs M&M'S retail location coming to the West Side in 2020.

"Guests will be fully immersed into an interactive chocolate experience that will create more moments and more smiles through the colorful fun of M&M’S," said Patrick McIntyre, director of global retail at Mars Retail Group.

The new 10200 sq. ft. store will be located in the former Fit2Run and Curl locations next to Splitsville and just across from House of Blues.

The existing location in Florida Mall is expected to close with the opening of the new Disney Springs M&M's store.

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Article Posted: Jan 23, 2020 / 9:11am ET
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WDWtraveler23 hours ago

Photo update as of Thursday, October 29, 2020.

JohnD3 days ago

Well, the West Side has pretty much retained its original look. Every store/restaurant has its own garish look unlike the rest of DS which has a re-purposed brick structure style. So I could see the M&M store looking like this on the West Side.

Jon81uk20 days ago

when I last visited in 2016 they only had Orlando stuff in the Coke store not Disneyworld :-(

Cmdr_Crimson20 days ago

They're doing something similar at the Springs Coke store which is cross-promo..So, I'm sure down the road they will do something...

Jon81uk21 days ago

yes but I expect the items available at Disney springs will be very similar to what was in Florida Mall. There might be a few Disney exclusives but it doesn’t seem worth getting excited over new store when it is more for replacement really.

Nunu22 days ago

Not anymore, that location closed in late August.

Jon81uk22 days ago

You know you could get the M&Ms stuff at the Florida Mall store already?

JEANYLASER23 days ago

I meant the concept art of the M&M's store looks awesome!

raymusiccity24 days ago

What are you seeing that looks awesome?

JEANYLASER24 days ago

:cool: Looks awesome I can't wait for next year to buy some M&M's stuff!:cool:

WDWtravelerSep 24, 2020

Photo update as of Thursday, September 24, 2020. Construction in full swing as visual changes are apparent every week.

DisneyDebRobSep 15, 2020

Maybe it

DisneyDebRobSep 14, 2020

Here’s a few pics of the Times Square one. Maybe we will get a big fig Mickey m&m. Just something original would be great.

MisterPenguinSep 14, 2020

Will it have robotic hugging arms?