PHOTOS - Exterior of Disney Springs M&M's store nears completion as opening nears

Jan 19, 2021 in "M&M'S Store"

M&M'S Store Disney Springs construction - January 19 2021
Posted: Tuesday January 19, 2021 3:37pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The exterior of the new M&M's Store at Disney Springs is nearing completion as its opening nears.

The store is expected to be open by early February, although an official opening date has yet to be announced.

When it opens, you will be able to buy Disney Springs exclusive Mickey and Minnie M&M's, complete with unique packaging.

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TikibirdLandFeb 22, 2021

Wouldn't be surprised if Disney started selling medicinal marijuana. Anything to make a buck.

the.dreamfinderFeb 18, 2021

The deluxe hotel gift shops still sell cigars and other tobacco products.

plutofan15Feb 15, 2021

The M&Ms store has survived since 1997 on the Vegas strip where the rent/cost has to be in the ballpark of Disney Springs.

Jon81ukFeb 12, 2021

Again, the candy isn’t the main product, the merchandise is. Same at the Coke store. The personalised M&Ms are a relatively new addition, but the Florida Mall store was there for 15 years, Vegas for 23 years and London for 9 years. These stores sell plenty of merchandise.

UNCgolfFeb 11, 2021

No, I know that. I assume the majority of their sales are from the personalized M&Ms. I meant it was hard for me to believe that many people actually want personalized cheap candy, but I guess they do. It seems like a tremendous waste of money. Obviously they sell some merchandise too, but I would be surprised if it wasn't the personalized/different color M&Ms that drive the business because I don't see that many people wanting M&Ms merchandise. I'm still betting this store is closed before the end of the decade. Coke is a bit different because, as you said, a lot of it is trying special flavors you can't get elsewhere. The different color M&Ms aren't the same thing, at least in my mind. It's still fundamentally the same candy. But who knows? I could be wildly wrong and this store is a massive success.

Jon81ukFeb 11, 2021

The main business at the M&M store isn’t selling candy, it’s merchandise. The personalised ones and the larger range of colours are good, but the store doesn’t really sell “regular” M&Ms. It’s the same as the Coke store, they don’t really sell much cola, it’s all about merchandise or the special flavours (like Beverly) you can’t try elsewhere.

UNCgolfFeb 11, 2021

I did not know that. It's hard for me to believe that many people want to buy overpriced, low quality candy. Still, the Disney Springs location will be far more expensive, so they will need an increase in sales to make up the difference, and there are much better options at Disney Springs for anyone looking to buy something sweet. I'll still be surprised if it lasts long-term.

Jon81ukFeb 11, 2021

A couple of those floors are tiny though. It’s more like two decent floors.

Jon81ukFeb 11, 2021

You know there was a location at Florida Mall for 15 years. If that can go for that long, it will do even better at Disney.

DCBakerFeb 10, 2021

There's now a virtual tour available here -

oogie boogie manFeb 06, 2021

M&M's taste so plain compared to the other offerings at DS. I'd rather go to Gideon's or Ghirardelli.

MarvelCharacterNerdFeb 05, 2021

^ I would just like to thank everyone who got the above reference. :D #myfellownerds

MarvelCharacterNerdFeb 04, 2021


wdwmagicFeb 03, 2021

Stay tuned to the front page of ;)