M&M'S characters now appearing for meet and greets at Walt Disney World

Jan 29, 2023 in "M&M'S Store"

M&M character meet and greet at Walt Disney World
Posted: Sunday January 29, 2023 12:11pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The M&M'S Store at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World is now hosting meet and greets with the M&M characters.

The M&M'S characters began meeting guests this weekend and are planned to appear each weekend from around midday to 8 pm.

The 10,000 sq ft M&M Store opened in January 2021, and is located on the West Side across from House of Blues.

Inside you'll find everything for the M&M'S fan, from exclusive Disney Springs items to design your own M&M'S, clothing, and the giant wall of choose-your-own with over 100 ways to mix it up.

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Elijah AbramsMar 03, 2023

Hope they introduce the new Pink spokescandy character at Disney Springs.

lazyboy97oMar 03, 2023

Ooo la la. That’s one sexy chocolate.

DCBakerMar 03, 2023

ohioguyFeb 02, 2023

The whole culture war over M&M's is the most ridiculous I've ever seen... I suppose Disney will be criticized for this....

KeithVHFeb 02, 2023

All this and I still don't know what kind of shoes they were wearing . . .

Figments FriendFeb 02, 2023

Fun Fact - Minnie Mouse secretly likes this candy more than anything sold at Goofy’s Candy Co. But don’t tell Goofy that…..or Mick…! 😉

JoeCamelFeb 01, 2023

Wrong park

MisterPenguinFeb 01, 2023

What are their political and social justice leanings? Need to know before I buy any.

SNSFeb 01, 2023

Great way to get friendly aliens to come over.

Figments FriendJan 31, 2023

Reese’s Pieces are the best. 🙂 -

Kirby86Jan 31, 2023

Yup the one deal M&Ms regrets not doing. But Hershey lucked out.

celluloidJan 31, 2023

They still sell new boxes and bags of Reece's Pieces in the ET Adventure Gift Shop to this day. Spielberg was going to Have M&Ms in the movie, but they could not see things as a good deal, then Hershey's came in with their new candy and it was an even bigger hit because of that movie.

Kirby86Jan 31, 2023

Universal is trying to get those rights for an ET meet and greet. Sadly they forgot Hershey has their own amusement park and can't get a deal done!

MisterPenguinJan 31, 2023

A surprise secret about the M&M candies at the Super Bowl?...