Merchandise from the Haunted Mansion's Memento Mori now also available online

Oct 06, 2014 in "Memento Mori"

Posted: Monday October 6, 2014 2:42pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion's new dedicated gift shop at Walt Disney World officially opens today.

If you saw our first look photos last week, and had your eye on some of the Mansion merchandise but are not planning a trip soon, this might help you out.

The Disney Store has just launched a new online shop offering a selection of the new Haunted Mansion merchandise, including some of the items at Memento Mori.

Check it out at

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Fleis76Oct 23, 2014

Very nice! looking forward to popping in on my next visit. The personal spirit pictures look especially cool.

Next Big ThingOct 23, 2014

The problem with all of the plates Disney sells is that they aren't Dishwasher safe. They must be washed by hand or risk the design on the plate being ruined.

PhotoDave219Oct 23, 2014

I don't know… All the plates and wine glasses and silverware seemed very nice to me. Hopefully it is a start of breaking away from the Blanding generic merchandise we've had since Paul Pressler was around.

Milla4Prez66Oct 23, 2014

I finally checked this out on Tuesday, incredibly tiny but some neat stuff in there. Nothing to get hyped up about, but hey it's a start. I really hope Disney starts selling more attraction related merchandise. Tired of seeing the same ol, same ol in every Disney store.

1023Oct 23, 2014

I can't wait to drop some coin at this shop. Unique merch and a themed venue based on Haunted Mansion is a wonderful thing. I have a feeling this place will be shopped continuously. *1023*

RedtoGrayOct 22, 2014

I should have been more specific. I was referring to the shirts with the "Ghost Host" name tag not the Foyer portrait. But I guess that's wrong too considering the CMs are not actually the "Ghost Host(s)." Still very cool stuff and will buy as much as I can.

devoy1701Oct 20, 2014

I can't believe I queued up to enter the gift shop on Saturday. lol

NYBalooOct 13, 2014

We went last week and thought the shop was fantastic. Lots of unique items that are sure to please the HM fans. Had our lenticular pics done and they turned out amazing. It is a small shop and there was quite the line of folks waiting to get in, but its worth the wait.

NearTheEarsOct 12, 2014

There didn't seem to be lines for it today, but it did get a bit cramped. Came out with a Ghost Host hat. I went in to check out the Trilby, but it just wasn't good quality: the images and logo were just screen printed on. I liked the hitchhiking ghost fedora, but it was too expensive for me to justify since I'd probably only ever wear it to the parks.

Clamman73Oct 12, 2014

Yeah...I think 30-35 would be shoulder to shoulder in there.

MuteSuperstarOct 12, 2014

A shop that can handle 30 people at the most popular tourist destination on the planet. Great idea. :rolleyes:

TheRabbitOct 12, 2014

That's the answer the manager on duty told me, and I asked specifically that question. I agree, seems small for a re-done shop.

Magicart87Oct 12, 2014

30 guests? I'd feel like a sardine for sure crammed into that little shop of horrors. It was kinda difficult to shop or even take-in the great theming with 8 or so guests; 30-35 would be a nightmare...and a fire hazard. The shop is themed spectacularly. The blacklight effect on the HM portrait was really cool. Exterior needs a little more love, but it does find a good balance between HM and Liberty Square's other facades. For a bit of armchair imagineering; There's this perfect spot in the corner of the building right next to the Memento Mori sign where a Little Leota animatronic could perch enticing guests to come inside. But that's just wishfully thinking. Speaking of, as awesome as the lenticular souvenir Ghost Portraits are I wish the photography studio was a bit smaller to give the gift shop more room. Overall, I'm pleased as punch to have a dedicated HM store! Thanks Disney!

TheRabbitOct 12, 2014

Yes, Manager said 30-35 people.