The Dress Shop returns to Disney Springs at the Marketplace Co-Op in Walt Disney World

Feb 14, 2023 in "Marketplace Co Op"

Dress Shop at Marketplace Co Op - February 2023
Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2023 12:47pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Dress Shop is back at Disney Springs, returning to its former home in the Marketplace Co-Op.

The Dress Shop replaces the National Geographic pop-up store which closed in early February.

You can find the Marketplace Co-Op near the Ghiradelli Ice Cream shop in the Marketplace. Operating hours are 10am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday, and 10am to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday.

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HakunamatataFeb 13, 2023

Will be interesting to see if the Harambe NG section is still there or if they did away with the concept all together.

CntrlFlPeteFeb 13, 2023

well, the National Geographic merchandise is no longer in that area. It looks a lot more like how the dress shop use to be set up with a handful of dresses but sometimes some matching shirts and stuff.

ToTBellHopOct 26, 2022

So a couple stores flew the coop?

Grumpy4196Oct 24, 2022

Would have been great if they had left the small section where you could get customized baseball bats

TrainsOfDisneyOct 24, 2022

I loved 28th and Main. Was sad that brand didn’t continue.

DisneyDebRobOct 23, 2022

Can’t think they will get more then a smattering amount of people in the NG store. The Co-Op is a great opportunity for really unique stuff. I don’t think NG fits that bill.. or another Marvel store. I’m hoping this whole area doesn’t just become a smaller version of the Disney store.

networkproOct 23, 2022

The CoOp is a merchandising experiment in progress. I'll go there anytime before I step foot in WoD after its latest remodel. I never have seen more than a smattering of people in the dress section.