Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs now selling Disney face masks

Jun 18, 2020 in "Marketplace Co Op"

Posted: Thursday June 18, 2020 1:54pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

If you missed out ordering the Disney face masks when they went on-sale online in April, or need them in a hurry, you can now buy them at Disney Springs.

The Marketplace Co-Op has them in-stock, although quantities are limited, and there is a limit of 4 per guest.

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"El Gran Magnifico"Jun 30, 2021

Enjoy the moment. This may be the first time in recorded Disney history where they’ve lowered the price.

flutasJun 29, 2021

You joke, but last September I saw a person in epcot stop mid-walkway, pull the mask down and vomit EVERYWHERE, then forcibly blow the vomit out of their nose, and then pull the mask up and continue on like nothing happened... Someone was definitely a pro drunkcot warrior.

GimpYancIentJun 29, 2021


dreamfinderJun 29, 2021

Was in one of the Disney Store/Outlets and they had some for a buck I think, and they also had a sign that was B1G2 free. Most places are trying to clear them out.

AndyS2992Jun 28, 2021

Masks on the Disney UK store have been discounted since at least February, a pack of four was originally £20 and have been £3 now for a while. I guess they really over estimated the demand since they are all still available.

Magicart87Jun 28, 2021

A thrifty entrepreneur could buy these with the intent to make unofficial mouse ears and sell'm on Etsy.

JohnDJun 28, 2021

Two-pack down from $11.99 to $3.00. Four-pack down from $19.99 to $6.00.

Baloo62Jun 28, 2021

Just got back from a trip that included a day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. One of the gift shops dropped a handful of sealed BG logo masks in our bag for FREE. They obviously have tons of these things in storage that they want gone. I prompltly threw them away when we returned home. We maybe saw 15 people in the entire park (and it was sold out) wearing any type of mask.

SirwalterraleighJun 28, 2021

…in that case “let the peasants do it”

LilofanJun 28, 2021

The mask will catch most of the vomit before it hits the pavement for the CM to clean up.

SirwalterraleighJun 28, 2021

Barley an inconvenience

wdwmagicJun 28, 2021

Transportation still

disneygeek90Jun 28, 2021

In Disney? You don't.

SirwalterraleighJun 28, 2021

Nah…a little spritz of windex takes care of that