Main Street Confectionery opens in temporary location at Main Street Cinema

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Temporary Main Street Confectionery

The Magic Kingdom's Main Street Confectionery has closed today to begin a large scale refurbishment project, with Main Street Cinema stepping in as the new temporary location for candy and treats on Main Street U.S.A.

Stepping inside you'll find the usual assortment of mostly pre-packaged items that were sold in Main Street Confectionery.

Candy Apples and rice crispy treats remain on sale, but you won't find things like cupcakes and fudge.

Operating hours are from park open to park close.

The Disney collectibles and artwork that were previously on sale at Main Street Cinema are now available at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Fantasyland.

At the Main Street Confectionery, some of the window displays are still in place, and others are blacked out.

Signage on the front directs guests to Main Street Cinema.

A reopening date for Main Street Confectionery isn't yet available, but it runs through to at least mid-June. Along with a new interior design, the store will be expanded into some of the neighboring space from The Chapeau. The new store will also feature more customization options.

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Article Posted: Mar 29, 2021 / 7:49am ET
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Animaniac93-984 days ago

I was hoping Blad Chapek would be the mascot for the Harmony Barber Shop. ;)

castlecake2.04 days ago

They still do embroidery at Disney Springs at Wonderful World of Memories (across from the Christmas store)

Tuvalu4 days ago

Fantasy Faire has embroidery stations.

MansionButler844 days ago

I understand Le Chapeau will be renamed Le Chapek.

nicb884 days ago

It was mentioned that the embroidery stations were being moved to Town Hall, so literally five seconds walk from Le Chapeau.

MagicHappens19715 days ago

Big Top embroiders them, as well as a few other locations. I know Big Top is currently closed, but I don’t think embroidered Mickey ears are going anywhere.

JoeCamel9 days ago

But they will make it up in volume and reduced costs (so says the sharp pencil guy)

TrainChasers9 days ago

Another touch of Disney magic gone.... (embroidered Mickey ears.) They are gonna budget cut these parks until there’s nothing left but cupcake parties.

UNCgolf9 days ago

I'm pretty sure EPCOT and DHS also have stores that will embroider them (or did at one point; not sure if they still do), but I think there are multiple locations at the MK that do it. EDIT: Looks like Sir Mickey's and Big Top Souvenirs both also did it at least at one point, as did MouseGear at EPCOT (obviously not at the moment). Apparently the place that used to offer it at DHS has changed into a sweet shop but may still offer embroidery in the back? It was offered at Disney Springs at one point as well, and was briefly offered at Animal Kingdom but stopped pretty quickly. Maybe they're planning to phase it out entirely as another way to cut expenses because I just read it's no longer offered at Sir Mickey's either.

JoeCamel9 days ago

Can you get them personalized or was the hat store the only place? If they still do that

UNCgolf9 days ago

At every store in every park like they do with almost all the other merchandise.

JoeCamel9 days ago

Wherever will they sell ears? They make bank on those so not going to give them up

MisterPenguin9 days ago

Will they make candy hats?

wdwmagic9 days ago

Yep that seems to be the plan.