Inside the Main Street Cinema as the home of the new 50th anniversary Walt Disney World Vault Collection

Sep 29, 2021 in "Main Street Cinema - The Art of Disney"

Main Street Cinema Vault Collection
Posted: Wednesday September 29, 2021 8:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom is now home to a new store themed to the Vault Collection 50th anniversary merchandise.

The retro-inspired overlay is filled with vintage photos, colors, and details, including backdrops and props inspired by attractions from Walt Disney World Resort history.

The ceiling even features the old attraction ticket books.

As you would expect, demand is high, so expect to wait a while to enter the store.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the Main Street Cinema Walt Disney World 50th anniversary Vault Collection.

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Bocabear5 days ago

I am sure ready for the pale gray and white again...I think they are going to leave this though...It was always my fear that they would... You would think the painting would be done with the decor removal.... though I am sure everyone is tired of seeing construction equipment at the Disney World Parks...

Touchdown6 days ago

Until the pink is gone, the castle will never be free of 50th decor.

wdwmagic6 days ago

There is definitely some fading of the areas not covered by the cage. It is going to need some attention. Some are worse than others.

Unbanshee6 days ago

TTA946 days ago

Maybe it’s just me but I think as long as the caste stays that color it will be a reminder of the 50th and covid, and I say covid since thats the timeframe it became that color.

Brian6 days ago

The final ribbon has been removed and the castle is now 50th decor-free.

Brian10 days ago

Two more to go.

Brian12 days ago

More ribbons taken down:

Disney1923-202313 days ago

Interesting that they kept the ribbons on the front/center two towers given that they're now gone

gerarar13 days ago

Some new modified (never before seen) projections debuted for HEA. This version removes the jabot and swag decorations from the projections, but keeps the ribbons on the spires. No clue why they even did this as the ribbons are currently in the process of going away, but it's better than nothing I guess. Plus the projections look much cleaner on the castle stone walls now (especially the stained glass scene with all the characters). Left (last week) / Right (tonight) And just to keep track, here are all the different HEA castle projection versions: Regular/original (2017) Ribbons + jabot & swag decorations (early July 2021) Ribbons + jabot & swag + 50th medallion (late July 2021) Ribbons only (May 2023)

Haymarket200814 days ago

Easily the best book of WDW ever produced.

Brian15 days ago

That looks very nice too, but in the one I was referencing, the castle had no pink.

Disney1923-202315 days ago

I think they should make it look like this (DarKoaster at Busch Gardens)

yensidtlaw196915 days ago

That couldn't have been my Photoshop, right? Desperately hoping they get some sense into them and reevaluate the Coppertone color scheme. Ideally sooner rather than later, but I'd be willing to be a *little* patient if it meant they got it right this time.