New concept art and interior progress pictures show more of the new 'Creations Shop' coming to EPCOT this summer

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Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021 5:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Lead EPCOT Imagineer Zach Riddley has taken to Instagram this evening to offer a closer look at the upcoming 'Creations Shop' coming to EPCOT this summer.

The piece of concept art above offers a new angle of the building, providing a view of the former Mouse Gear and Innoventions East building.

In his post Zach said "In the design of Creations Shop, we knew we would be working to restore an existing building. Our goal was to use this original geometry to our advantage - streamlining the façade and emphasizing the rhythm of vertical columns or “ribs” as we like to refer to them. As you can see in some of these original drawings and building sections, the space was always intended to be open and give flexibility to the program featured inside. We are bringing that openness back into our new designs as part of our new EPCOT aesthetic."

He goes on to say, "By simplifying the facades and emphasizing the beams between the columns – we will create uninterrupted lines that draw your eye from front to back. And these “beams” also give us space to integrate lighting and air conditioning for a seamless and functional look to the space."

The new store will replace the former Mouse Gear as the flagship retail store at the park.

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jt0417 hours ago

Mostly they are focusing available funding to those projects they are able to complete by Oct 1st. At Epcot that means the new store, SSE lighting and very expensive new fireworks show. Epcot will pick up next fiscal year for its 40th anniversary. Guardians, Journey of H2O and spine project. IMO.

Father Robinson20 hours ago

I remember being there in 2014 and the hub was all torn up. My trip in 2016 everything was beautiful and done. I understand the whole pandemic delay, but man, this is a brutal wait.

jt041 day ago

Like the castle hub project there are a lot of layers. Plus recent revisions.

Father Robinson1 day ago

God, the slowness of the spine progress is unimaginable.

James Alucobond1 day ago

I assume much will remain blocked until the restaurant is complete, but I'd expect them to want to push the construction walls back by that point at the latest. From the concept art, it looks like much of the plaza immediately outside of building will be planters and pathways, so they should be able to assemble those quickly, pushing the walls back to at least Dreamer's Point and the smaller central fountain assuming that's still in the plans. Once those are done, they can push back the walls to just surround Journey of Water and the event lawn, the latter of which may be able to happen in tandem since it also won't require major construction at this point.

jt041 day ago

Yes, but the scope of the new restaurant/s is unclear in the concept art. We do know the current gift shop in the area will close soon.

G00fyDad1 day ago

What is this all about? They are replacing/redesigning this place?

jt041 day ago

My guess is they will install scrims. But views of the activity with information placards and concept art would be more interesting.

Father Robinson1 day ago

Serious question, since CS and CC are supposedly set to open this summer, what are we thinking the view outside the front windows will be? Construction City or... Seems like they're going gangbusters with the building itself but outside seems to be getting worse. Do we think whenit opens it'll be a situation where for a while the entrance will be in the rear and they'll block the front (open concept/natural light/ floor-to-ceiling windows..) with construction walls?

jt041 day ago

When the landscaping is in that will be perfect!

jt041 day ago

I believe at least some of it will be for the Electric Umbrella replacement eatery concept.

jt041 day ago

Decades of efforts failed. Maybe failure was intrinsic to the design. Most people just treated the Communicore buildings as obstacles to their intended destinations. Restaurants and shopping were the only concepts that worked well in these structures with few exceptions. Very few.

TikibirdLand1 day ago

Sadly, he can't do that to Communicore...

Figments Friend1 day ago

Despite the somewhat vapid 'statements' made by 'The Zach', as a EPCOT Center fan there is some real satisfaction in seeing this space have some of its original design elements returned. The floor to ceiling windows an example. Just goes to show you how foreward thinking the original designers were and how 'perfect' the original design intent was for that building. Such a idiotic move to remove the 'twin'.....just image what could have been done with it. -