Walt Disney Dreamers Point sculpture now in mini-sized edition

Sep 21, 2023 in "Creations Shop"

Dreamers Point Walt Disney sculpture merchandise
Posted: Thursday September 21, 2023 1:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is yet to unveil the completed Dreamers Point in World Celebration at EPCOT, but guests can now buy the 'Walt the Dreamer' sculpture in a miniature form.


Available at EPCOT's Creations Shop priced at $95, the model is based on the full-size Walt Disney statue by Imagineer Scott Goddard coming to Dreamers Point in World Celebration later this year.

Alongside the model, there is a Christmas tree ornament at $26.99, and a pin at $11.99.

There is a quantity limit of 2 per item, per guest.

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ToTBellHopLess than a minute ago

At minimum, this really should have opened 10/1/22 for the 40th. Still would’ve been too long but missing that date was ridiculous.

DisQuick1 minute ago


FutureCEO1 minute ago

that's also another reason....5 years to built this. Should have took them less than 85% of that time for what this is.

ToTBellHop3 minutes ago

I want to hear the full new loop and I don’t care how but

bmr15915 minutes ago

Will the loop have any past music? Crossing Continents always put me in my EPCOT mood.

TheMaxRebo5 minutes ago

It's different, but I like it .... Obviously a lot of change today but I think once the dust settles Epcot will be a really nice place to visit and it will feel "normal"

vikescaper13 minutes ago

Because Disney wanted new background music? 🤷‍♂️

ToTBellHop15 minutes ago

Because it’s Epcot and it should have original music at the park entrance due to its 41 year tradition of having its own original music in lieu of Disney songs. The last loop was made up of movie music (though of relatively obscure origin unlike, say, The Land’s present loop).

jrhwdw21 minutes ago

Forgive me but why do we need new background music?

wdwmagic31 minutes ago

vikescaper35 minutes ago

Don’t give them any ideas!

Jambo Dad45 minutes ago

DVC kiosk.

Disney1923-202355 minutes ago

It looks really good to me - minus the FoN removal. I think it's gonna be a nice spot to hang out, and the influx of nature into Epcot is an obvious plus. It just sucks Communicore isn't ready for opening today with the rest of the area. I also agree it looks like Walt is taking a 💩, so that could've been done better. Overall, I love the way it looks, almost entirely an upgrade over what was there, other than lack of fountains in the hub.

networkpro8 hours ago

Let's revisit that in terms of completion. When it opened and for the first few decades, World showcase had lots of empty expansion pads and the central hub area was stuffed full, now it's been flipped. The utopian inter-cultural relationship ideal falls on pretty deaf ears these days.