First look at the new EPCOT Reimagined merchandise collection

17 days ago in "Creations Shop"

Posted: Friday September 15, 2023 1:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new EPCOT Reimagined merchandise collection has been unveiled, celebrating fan-favorite experiences at the park. 

The collection features recognizable characters like Remy, Groot, Star Lord, Olaf, Nemo, Crush, and the iconic Figment.

Merchandise includes a woven shirt, fashion top, spirit jersey, and a zip hoodie adorned with designs reminiscent of EPCOT attractions.

Accessories complete the look with Loungefly Ear Headbands, Dooney & Bourke bags, and a mystery pin set featuring EPCOT icons.

A highlight of the collection is the Spaceship Earth Light Up Figurine, illuminating in vibrant colors.

The EPCOT Reimagined collection is soon to be available at the Creations Shop and select park locations.

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vikescaper15 days ago

It doesn’t look like a RSVLTS shirt to me.

Disorbust15 days ago

is the Epcot button down RSVLTS?

Cmdr_Crimson15 days ago

*waiting for a pavillion logo collage button down shirt*

Figments Friend15 days ago

We did eventually get a pin set of some of Eric’s fabulous Epcot poster designs. And do I remember right, there was also some small square magnets released as well? I say bring on the Eric Tan art Epcot tshirts. Or how about one of those patterned shirts, but with the Epcot posters? Now THAT would sell like hotcakes. Or keep it simple - Epcot Pavilion Logos are always pure win when it comes to merchandise. The unofficial stuff out there has proven this many times over the years, and the official stuff from Disney featuring them almost always sells out. -

trainplane316 days ago

And in case someone is wondering what Eric Tan has been up to and before they ask for more Epcot posters: Unlikely.

JohnD16 days ago

Because Moana in Journey of Water is from Hawaii and Stitch is friends with Lilo in Hawaii. Don't you know anything?😉

Sirwalterraleigh16 days ago

…at least it took a stab at the 1980s kinda vibe

trainplane316 days ago

Those jackets sold out so fast too. The pants, not so much. And then it was discontinued. Also, what's been reimagined? A new roller coaster, rat, and the old new building? This merch line isn't great. Hopefully the Art Festival stuff is better then this.

jeanericuser00117 days ago

Looks like bad clip art from the early days of graphics design before vga came out. Sort of like a cheap wallpaper you would have on a baby's bedroom. The only one that looks remotely cool is the last one but it seems more like a giant paperweight.

HauntedPirate17 days ago

Who designed that crap?

Figments Friend17 days ago

Hard pass. Nothing at all about these graphics used for this line gives me the sense of ‘Epcot’ at all. And what is it with the over obsession with ‘spirit jerseys’….? Each their own, but I just don’t see the appeal. They must be selling well or Disney would not keep making them. -

monorail8117 days ago

I liked the look of this collection (and agree it’s better than the new collection) BUT it was so disappointing in the quality that we ended up passing on all of it. They keep jacking up the prices but diminishing the quality. I wouldn’t mind paying if the quality was still good.

Epcot82Guy17 days ago

I think we found the Epcot 2023 tag line. 😆

Sweet tears17 days ago

Does nothing for me