Monorail view of Creations Shop and Club Cool construction at EPCOT

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Creations Shop and Club Cool construction - July 18 2021
Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 8:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The reopening of the EPCOT monorail beam once again offers a great view of the construction taking place in the park's center on the new World Celebration area.

Here we can see the former Innoventions East, Electric Umbrella, and Mouse Gear.

The former Mouse Gear will become home to the new Creations Shop and Club Cool - both set to open summer 2021.

The Innoventions and Electric Umbrella will be home to new food and beverage offerings.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the world Celebration construction in EPCOT.

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Inspired Figment1 day ago

Look.. I think we all can appreciate the design aesthetics and things going back to their roots. We’re willing to applaud them when they get things right.. though I’ll admit this particular forum can skew a bit more towards the skeptical & negative than most… Ultimately I think though, more are frustrated that the ‘theming’ is inconsistent or goes completely against the concept (Creations/Creativity) and design choices that tie directly back into what EPCOT ‘should’ be. Yes, we all know it’s a gift shop.. but little things like the theming not being focused on ‘complimenting’ ‘EPCOT or the ‘creations or creative process’ within EPCOT & instead the focus being ‘solely’ on the generic Film IP characters/stories & not ‘EPCOT’ itself I think points to a much larger problem with the overall vision for EPCOT’s renovation project. The blame falls mostly on upper management, not particuarly the imagineers who are being overly controlled & limited by them, having to shoehorn unrelated themes & IPs in there, not making much of an effort to keep the focus or tie it into ‘EPCOT’’s concepts ultimately compromises the rest of the project.

UNCgolf1 day ago

It's not named Creations, though, at least according to all of the Disney advertising. "Creations" as a name is fine -- a bit uninspired, but fine. They very specifically refer to it as Creations Shop every single time it's mentioned, and that's what makes it sound ridiculous. Throwing Shop on the end is just silly. Hopefully, in the end, it will be shortened to just Creations and that's what will actually appear on all the signage. But at the moment all we have to go on is what Disney has said and they always call it Creations Shop.

largealbert1 day ago

I've been a bit skeptical about this overhaul myself, but after reading through this thread I'm more angry with a majority of the people who call themselves "fans." We're literally being spoon fed something that's reminiscent of the parks original vision and aesthetic, and people are still unhappy. It's a gift shop - it's not going to be groundbreaking and, personally at least, I think it's a bit ridiculous to expect anything more than that (especially considering what we've seen so far is anything but a disappointment compared to what we're used to). Considering what used to occupy this space, I fail to see how this isn't an improvement. The name "Creations" isn't nearly as ridiculous as many people are playing it up to be. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit myself, as I'm not trying to praise Disney for doing the bare minimum. What bothers me is that a lot of the people here can't recognize a good thing when they see it, and then wonder why Disney won't cater to their personal wish list for the parks. If you're not a fan of the design, you're justified to think so. However, don't act like utilizing another character or slapping pavilion logos all over the place would make the theme any more captivating or inspired.

Crazydisneyfanluke1 day ago

Last day of summer is Sept 22nd. ;) I would think Labor day weekend.

James Alucobond1 day ago

The two parts they said would be done are practically complete, and summer doesn't officially end until late September.

G00fyDad1 day ago

It will probably get pushed. I know EPCoT doesn't have much to do with the 50th but I'd imagine they still want this (and a lot of other projects) done before 10/1/21.

mhochman1 day ago

I know they said "summer," but I don't see how this could be ready in the next month.

michmousefan2 days ago

Well, I recall Chapek making the joke about trees at his D23 thing... so yep, perhaps that's it. I'd imagine they would want to have *something* planted so when you look out of those expansive giant windows from the store, you see some green rather than the brown dirt fest that you would see now...

atighe422 days ago

That appears to be the foundations for planters. The concept art seems to indicate it.

Inspired Figment2 days ago

‘A Whole New World of Merchandise: An Aladdin Shopping Experience’ you mean

G00fyDad2 days ago

Possibly the area to house control boxes for LED sidewalk lighting? (total guess)

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Journey of Merchandise featuring Aladdin. .

mightynine2 days ago

What, Disney tries to leverage as much as they can across their different avenues? This isn’t even a gotcha post, I know that. My point is that the company has shown it can do more and try harder, but now frequently takes the easy road. Maybe one day you’ll do more on this board than just copy and paste what others post and think that makes you an expert or an insider.

michmousefan2 days ago

Any thoughts on what this area is? It appears to parallel the curve of the building. Is it infrastructure for lighting? Plantings? Something else? Is it some kind of a path?