Creations Shop replaces Mouse Gear this summer at EPCOT

Apr 09, 2021 in "Creations Shop"

Creations Shop concept art
Posted: Friday April 9, 2021 10:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that the new flagship merchandise location at EPCOT will be called "Creations Shop" and will replace the former Mouse Gear.

According to Imagineer Zach Riddley, "Creations Shop features a bold, sleek design that creates a perfect showcase for the rich variety of items you’ll find as part of your EPCOT experience. It will be an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pour in and make you feel like you’re in touch with nature even while indoors. We are using color, materials and light in new ways with some unique EPCOT touches that connect back to this park’s storied past while looking to the future."

The store will include a Mickey Mouse mural along the side wall and homages to him throughout the interior. There large dynamic murals will showcase the global, contemporary icon that Mickey has become for generations around the world. 

Construction on Creations Shop is still very much underway as we can see from the recent photos of the area.

Creations Shop will be located in the former Mouse Gear building, which is in the new World Celebration area replacing the original Future World.

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Figments Friend7 hours ago

Sending merchandise purchased at WDW shops back to your Resort is currently not available.... However, you CAN have items shipped directly back to your home. Just ask the Cast Member at the cashier counter who helps ring you out. For a reasonable fee you have have just about anything bought in one of the WDW shops mailed back to your home. Very handy, and insures you won't have to carry things around during your visit and also saves space in your luggage. Happy shopping! :) -

Tuvalu20 hours ago

No, that service has not resumed since the parks reopened last summer. day ago

I can’t wait to visit the store it looks great. Does WDW still offer merch shipping back to your resort?

ChrisFL1 day ago

eww...yeah that would be a turn off for me also

Figments Friend1 day ago

I vaguely recall is was gold faced with a black band....think it had SSE featured . I took a peek but I dimly remember it had the then 'modern ' EpCot' logo which was a turn off for me. The price point was a bit steep too, but typical for the Limited Edition nature of it. It was a one off...meant to be sold that day, and I don't remember much talk about it beforehand. -

ChrisFL1 day ago

Dang, I was there for the 25th but don't recall seeing them

hpyhnt 10001 day ago

This. Communicore had a lot of areas with sunken floors. All that was (stupidly) filled in with the Innoventions redo.

Figments Friend1 day ago

There was a rather handsome Epcot watch released on Oct 1st 2007 for the 25th Anniversary. I was there at the Park that day and noticed several fans looking them over and a few making a purchase. I beleive it was a Limited Edition, and looked rather nice. -

ChrisFL2 days ago

I wouldn't mind a classy spaceship earth themed wristwatch...not sure if that exists or if any good Epcot style watches (meaning not kids toy) were made before 🧐

trainplane32 days ago

Also remember, Centorium's floor was also lower then MouseGear.

Disney Analyst2 days ago

It must be the angle of that old shot from Centorium. Makes the elevator tower and everything look elongated.

DreamfinderGuy2 days ago

You’re just not seeing it right. MouseGear had the same ceiling as Centorium with the exception of the areas blocked off. Creations is a total gut and rebuild with a whole new ceiling that’s about on the same level.

Disney Analyst2 days ago

I’ve gone into a deep dive… does anyone know - maybe @marni1971 Was the ceiling dropped when it became mousegear? When I look at the old second floor and elevator, and what the elevator looked like in MouseGear, I assume that is certainly the case. Wondering if it’s back to original height now? Or am I just not seeing this right?

Lands of Wonder2 days ago

Everyone misses Communocore, they restore that section to its original look and now all of the sudden they want Innoventions back. I’ll take post 50th Epcot over Millenium Eisner Era Epcot any day.