Creations Shop exterior paintwork continues showing more of how the finished product will look

Jun 08, 2021 in "Creations Shop"

Creations Shop and Club Cool painting - June 8 2021
Posted: Tuesday June 8, 2021 11:57am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New exterior paint colors are currently being applied to the exterior of the former Mouse Gear building as the new Creations Shop continues to take shape at EPCOT.

The exterior paint has so far been applied to the corner nearest World Showcase, and is a simple beige color - quite a departure from the previous bold striped colors.

Imagineer Zach Riddley recently showed the color palette that WDI has chosen for the new building and commented, "We were searching for something neutral and warm to perfectly capture the light and architectural details of these renovated buildings while complementing the adjacent Spaceship Earth façade."

Serving as the flagship retail location at EPCOT and replacing Mouse Gear, Creations Shop will open this summer.

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gustaftp2 hours ago

Pshaw, they didn't even use Highway Gothic font on that sign? FAIL!

SplashZander5 hours ago

Like a grand and miraculous drop off… If we can dream it, we really can do it.

sedati22 hours ago

Like a grand and miraculous taxi stand... If we can dream it, we really can do it.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Lands of Wonder2 days ago

As Epcot breaks from technology, progress and adds more IP it’s starting to feel like old Epcot at the same time. Kudos to them for that one. That’s midget of communicore seems to really have that old vibe.

cookiee_munster2 days ago

I find it amazing how they don't have more of an online presence. I can't speak for the whole of the UK, but it'd be nice to buy some exclusive merch from the American Parks and not have to go to the extent of having to pay the obscene price someone's selling over on eBay. It's the bloody Starbucks "you are here" mugs all over again for me :( :( :( Oh, and the store looks nice...

dreday33 days ago

Really? I listen to that music all the time!

castlecake2.03 days ago

Correct. It’s a location specific loop including a musical tribute to Tapestry of Nations!

wedenterprises3 days ago

New music sounds a bit more...bouncy? uptempo? To me it doesn't seem to be the entrance loop.

wedenterprises3 days ago

Agreed. Colour-changing gives them a nice tool. They can have a standard light if they choose, and then colour-change at special events, or during the beacons of magic etc. Rainbow-theme is set throughout the new Epcot as well with the colour-changing ribbons at the entrance, the flags, SSE lighting, and all of the new branding. It supports what they're implementing park-wide. Epcot isn't trying to be the modern tech-future showcase anymore (they let go of that dream when they got rid of SeaBase Alpha?). That flavour is still there, but overall it's something different. Thematically the colour-changing and rainbow motif works to support the new direction. (With all that being said, I struggle to see how Guardians fits...but...yeah...)

Poseidon Quest3 days ago

I went through yesterday and can't say that I even noticed any music because it was so loud in there. I've just consulted footage I took and I believe that the new Future World loop continues into the shop. It's difficult to tell over so much crowd noise, but it appears that it's the case.

Brenthodge3 days ago

So agree. They are overplayed. They’ve lost their novelty and I’m to the point that I cringe when I see them. When programmed creatively I guess they have their place, but it’s just become way to “there” to have any impact any more. looks like the signage at WorldWalMart.

Cmdr_Crimson4 days ago

Epcot EDM Nights...I can deal with that..Just as long as Sandstorm is involved ..

MansionButler844 days ago

I believe the lights will be on all evening. The Beacons have sporadic “shows”.