Sneak peek at the Mickey Mouse mural inside the upcoming Creations Shop at EPCOT

14 days ago in "Creations Shop"

Posted: Friday September 3, 2021 1:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Imagineer Zach Riddley has shared a first look at an original piece of art from inside the new Creations Shop opening at EPCOT this summer.

Titled "Mouse in Motion," the 35ft mural is hand-painted and features Mickey Mouse in dynamic poses through a prism of colors.

Creations Shop will be located in the former Mouse Gear building, which is in the new World Celebration area replacing the original Future World.

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dreday312 hours ago

Really? I listen to that music all the time!

castlecake2.012 hours ago

Correct. It’s a location specific loop including a musical tribute to Tapestry of Nations!

wedenterprises16 hours ago

New music sounds a bit more...bouncy? uptempo? To me it doesn't seem to be the entrance loop.

wedenterprises16 hours ago

Agreed. Colour-changing gives them a nice tool. They can have a standard light if they choose, and then colour-change at special events, or during the beacons of magic etc. Rainbow-theme is set throughout the new Epcot as well with the colour-changing ribbons at the entrance, the flags, SSE lighting, and all of the new branding. It supports what they're implementing park-wide. Epcot isn't trying to be the modern tech-future showcase anymore (they let go of that dream when they got rid of SeaBase Alpha?). That flavour is still there, but overall it's something different. Thematically the colour-changing and rainbow motif works to support the new direction. (With all that being said, I struggle to see how Guardians fits...but...yeah...)

Poseidon Quest17 hours ago

I went through yesterday and can't say that I even noticed any music because it was so loud in there. I've just consulted footage I took and I believe that the new Future World loop continues into the shop. It's difficult to tell over so much crowd noise, but it appears that it's the case.

Brenthodge19 hours ago

So agree. They are overplayed. They’ve lost their novelty and I’m to the point that I cringe when I see them. When programmed creatively I guess they have their place, but it’s just become way to “there” to have any impact any more. looks like the signage at WorldWalMart.

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

Epcot EDM Nights...I can deal with that..Just as long as Sandstorm is involved ..

MansionButler841 day ago

I believe the lights will be on all evening. The Beacons have sporadic “shows”.

jrhwdw1 day ago

That will be a huge moment for SSE/Epcot!!!!!!! Question, will SSE/WDW Beacons Of Magic be turned on before sunset like the lighting now? Or do we get the Regular lighting we've had all along until a lighting moment like Frozen Holiday Wish/Castle Dream Lights?

MansionButler841 day ago

I like the new lighting…just wait to you see SSE on 10/1! Epcot has a long term association with the rainbow motif thanks to Imagination and the Fountain of Nations. I actually approve of this. But, that’s just me.

hpyhnt 10001 day ago

I was going back and forth over this, too. On the one had, I loved the old breezeway lighting (don't ask why, I just did) so part of me is happy the new LEDs stay true to that look: But then, like you, there's another part of me that thinks they're going overboard on the color changing; sometimes warm white is all you need. And as much as I like the orderly rows of lights across the ceiling, I also wonder if a completely new look would have been better. Lighting has come a long way in 30 years and rows of exposed LED modules do seem a bit unimpressive. Would an unbroken strip of diffused edge lighting around the breezeway have looked better? Or maybe indirect lighting combined with some kind of ceiling art, like something playing off the colorful stripe motif we've seen on a lot of branding (and construction walls)? I don't know. At least the red neon is gone. That stuff was terrible.

gustaftp1 day ago

It's really nice seeing those windows bright and clear, and the building not painted in garish colors that clash with the architecture. But has been stated ad nauseam... ripping down the other half really seems wasteful and foolish. That space could've been put to better use than a lawn.

jrhwdw1 day ago

So Happy with the Lighting in the Breezeway!!!! I actually saw the lights being tested on Sunday on Streaming The Magic Stream! It looked like Strobes then! Wonder if it'll interact with SSE starting 10-1?

James Alucobond1 day ago

I would probably be even more hopeless as I'm not a lighting designer. Just saying, a painting isn't impressive because of the paint, plasterwork isn't impressive because of the plaster, and lighting isn't impressive because of the bulb. There's an artist or designer behind the medium.