The making of the D3-09 conversational character aboard Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Mar 04, 2022 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Friday March 4, 2022 2:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has released a new video offering insight into the creation of the D3-09 conversational character that is part of each cabin aboard Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

Hear from John Snoddy, Executive R&D Technology & Engineering, Doug Fidaleo, Director, Research Lab at Disney Research, and Leslie Evans, Imagineer.

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MisterPenguin6 hours ago

British accents on the Halcyon? They'll all have to play officers of the First Order.

LieutLaww7 hours ago

You have to remember it is also currently only being directly marketed at the US for now so they will get to a saturation point eventually until they start marketing for everywhere else.

zakattack9911 hours ago

So they could do with a marketing blitz on this. I honestly forgot this existed until today when I saw on the other site that they had their first fire drill and found my way back here to see what the story was. Point is I’m a big Star Wars fan and follow Disney news daily. If I can be blissfully unaware that this exists idk if it’s being marketed correctly. And sure maybe I’m not the correct audience (ie I don’t go the money to spend on this) but there is plenty of places at Disney to stay or special things to do that I can’t afford and I know they are there and Disney makes me aware of their existence but this has really flown under the radar. I almost feel that even if I am not their target audience they are not doing anything to make me day dream about going, like I’m not saving my change to have the once in a lifetime Star Wars adventure, because most days I don’t even remember that this exists that should be concerning to them.

corran horn17 hours ago

cruises definitely discount during the school year, for example. As a new thing I'm sure this came in waves. Early adopters who jumped on right away. People who dgaf what time of year it is/was. (we were sort of in that group, though ours ended up on Memorial Day weekend oddly enough). People who can only do Summer. Then it'd taper down from there I'd say. Some people probably started saving when they first heard about it and will trickle in through the coming months.

mmascari18 hours ago

I'm not doubting they're selling less, that's clearly correct. I'm just not sure it's enough less to get the discounts many of us would want. If they drop from 100% full to 90% full for all cruises, that may be more than enough for them to call it effectively full enough. There's clearly some level of full that would be low enough to drive discounting the price. We just don't know what it is. If it's 85% or 60% or all the way down at 40% full. Do we know what a typical real Disney cruise would be considered full enough? I presume not every ship leaves port 100% occupied. How low does it have to get for them to discount rooms? Do they tend to just discount limited times with short notice? Have they ever had an actual ship cancel a cruise because not enough was sold on it and how low was that number? I would love for them to discount the price, since I'm not likely to find budget space at the current price. But, I'll be surprised if that happens before the first year anniversary. Maybe in year 2 or 3 I'll have something to look forward to.

MisterPenguin19 hours ago

It's true we don't know how many rooms are sold or not sold for the dates that aren't sold out. However... the rate of dates selling out has drastically changed, especially for cruises that launch in the next three months. That is a piece of data we do have. While it's possible that cruises are still being sold at the rate they were back in March and April and they are just so happened to be spread through all the other dates... it's not likely.

mmascari21 hours ago

I'm assuming we have no idea if the "not sold out" is just a few rooms, lots of rooms, or most of the rooms. I'm also assuming we have no idea what the minimum occupancy percent is to "break even" or "get the minimum profit desired" out of a cruise. While I would love a discounted price, somehow I have a feeling that "not sold out" isn't going to be a good measure of how close to that minimum desired profit cruises are running at. We'll know that it's increased from just a few rooms to closer to that level as the advertising ramps up (or not).

MisterPenguin23 hours ago

I'm guessing a renewed advertising campaign first. Then discounts. The margins are obviously very high and can be adjusted downward.

corran horn23 hours ago

not my money, but I wonder if this isn't something that should only be open seasonally. Maybe they'll give price breaks for off-season cruises.

OceanBlue2 days ago

That’s the first weeks of school for the northeast and beyond, also the traditional lowest rack rate and I think DVC point charts. I would love to travel then for that reason but can’t with school age kids.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Another week and only two more sold out dates. At this rate, the second week of September will start to be cruises that aren't regularly sold out.

MagicHappens19712 days ago

Not as many as everyone on here thinks

mergatroid5 days ago

Strange they've not answered isn't it? :rolleyes:

MisterPenguin5 days ago

Of the about 18,000 guests who've gone since the first day of official opening, just how many had complimentary cruises?