Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser sold out through to its September 2023 permanent closure

May 26, 2023 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Friday May 26, 2023 6:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is now fully sold out on day one of the resumption of sales.

Disney has provided an update on its official Starcruiser website advising guests that it is sold out but that a limited number of rooms may become available.

Here is the full notice from Disney.

As of May 26, 2023 at 4:30pm ET, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is unavailable for new bookings.

However, availability may still be subject to change and a very limited number of rooms could become available for new bookings from time to time. Please continue to check the online calendar for the latest availability.

Disney reopened bookings this morning for the final voyages aboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser after Disney made the surprise announcement earlier this month that Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser would close after operating for just over a year.

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_caleb18 minutes ago

I think the reason costs are a factor is because Disney is trying to monetize the interaction. Personal interactions with characters used to be a key part of the themed experience, but increasingly, we're seeing Disney treat them as "attractions" (in-park meet and greets) or upcharge for them (Starcruiser). In my opinion, the parks benefit from in-park scavenger-hunt-type games. Not only for what they provide to the folks who might be interested in doing these, but also for the sense of movement and activity they can bring to the lands in which they are set. I especially love what the Pirate Adventure interactive set pieces bring to Adventureland. To me, this is the direction they should lean into. Retrofitting set pieces into existing themed areas is relatively inexpensive These games require very few CMs Once they're built and tested, they seem to run smoothly They are easily updated or multiplied It seems to make a different kind of memorable experience for guests It sells merch! This is something I'd like to see in multiple lands, and across the parks and resorts, and it's what I mean about Starcruiser-type experiences being the the future of themed intertwinement. In my opinion, the Starcruiser itself wasn't the only (or the best) expression of this sort of approach. But I think Disney is/was on to something with the concept.

UNCgolf1 hour ago

I think that will be too expensive to work on a large scale (kind of like the Starcruiser). There are many guests that aren't really interested in that kind of experience, especially at the likely price point, but they prefer being passive in general and just watching other people take part in something not designed for them isn't going to get them to spend money. Then there are video games, which will likely always be ahead of anything a company can do in an in-person experience. Of course there are things that can be done in a in-person experience that can't be done in a video game, but it'll cost significantly more than a game -- and that's not automatically a draw, either. There are a lot of people who would much rather play a video game version of something than try a real life attempt.

Bender1232 hours ago

I feel like the video that started the recent discussion perfectly encapsulates my entire feeling on Disney ATM...I used to be regular here, but dropped a couple years ago. The Jenny video was a light that I should check back in. I used to be a WDW guest once every 2 or 3 years, but havent gone in six years now. I went to DisneyLand last year and it was fun, but I also really saw the reasons I stopped going on full display. Insane prices on everything, lines everywhere, pay extra for everything and low quality on broken effects, worn down cast members and a general lack of detail that set Disney apart. The fact that I could just leave DL and go to any other place within a few minutes put everything into sharp focus. Dont want to drop $15 on a beer? Bottle Logic is 10 minutes away and 100x better. Dont want to drop $30 on a drink at Trader Sams? Go to one of dozens of much better local options for a Tiki Bar...sure, they dont have a fancy show, but I can skip that if Im getting better drinks at a quarter the cost. Disney is a vacation I dont need or want anymore. The lack of effort by the company to justify the high costs is insulting. There seems like the foundation of creativity and care, but its all squashed by a layer of bean counters and suits that just want to pump up their own accounts. I feel like the Disney business plan is to suck all it can from the people that come and to heck with repeat customers.

Tha Realest16 hours ago

I’d so gladly trade the one who came back for all those no longer there.

_caleb18 hours ago

Unfortunately, most in this photo are retired or no longer with the Company...

JoeCamel19 hours ago

Three of those people are afraid of being attacked or would rather be anywhere else but where they are. One is not sure

_caleb19 hours ago


_caleb19 hours ago

Of course Bob claims to have "personally approved and reviewed" each of the Star Wars films/series. That's PR, as he's the CEO of Disney. We've seen an example of Bob's creative input into attractions: You think Lassiter, Bob Weis, Kevin Rafferty, Kathy Magnum, et. al. aren't just nodding to shine him on, with no intention of incorporating his input? I don't understand how folks imagine Bob Iger as some micro-managing dictator who jumps in to subvert the detailed plans of high-profile (and highly-paid) creatives across a broad scope of disciplines.

Sirwalterraleigh19 hours ago

Eisner had a creative background Iger does not. Huge difference

ChrisFL19 hours ago

So like Eisner was....sort of, creative and occasionally had good ideas(?), but worse?

larryz19 hours ago

Is it closed yet?

fgmnt20 hours ago

For some reason, there is one anecdote about Iger that has been etched in my mind forever, and it's one he volunteered about perosonally reviewing and approving pages for Star Wars. You cannot divorce the creative product of Lucasfilm under Disney ownership from the creative (?) mind (?) of Robet Iger. That's why the sequel trilogy movies had no writing or directing consistency. That's why they had to implement an annual release cadence immediately on acquisition. That's why all capital projects in the parks related to Star Wars since 2015 have been firmly in the realm of content produced under Disney ownership and why all EU projects had to be discarded. That's why new Star Wars content is as much of a cornerstone of the Disney D2C service as the WDAS and Pixar libraries. That's why the Starcruiser was built the exact way to was, regardless of how it never seemed to pencil out financially for consumers or Disney. It all had to be done Iger's way. He wanted the custody of Star Wars to be his legacy. Let him lie in the bed he made.

ChrisFL22 hours ago

Not directly related, but I was on the MIB ride (Shooting dark ride with "laser" guns for anyone who might not be aware) where 2 of the guests on the vehicle with me just sat there doing nothing the entire ride. The point being is that there's many different types of tourists out there. When Jenny went over the bingo and line (?) dancing sections, I know it was joked about when those first videos came out, BUT people were actually doing those activities, which means it's not entirely stupid, right? Silly games are such an integral part of the cruise experience, and this is like a "cruise in space". On a separate note, one idea I had to make this feel more like what we know of Star Wars is for another ship from the resistance to "dock" with yours and do a lot of missions on the type of ship we expect to see being used by the resistance and has a lot more familiar look to it. And you could have another character from the Sequel movies like Finn or Poe there. (Honestly I still think the entire land should be themed to the OG trilogy but that's a whole other conversation ) :)

_caleb23 hours ago

I was referring to 360º/4D/multisensory theming, gamification, puzzles to solve, personalized interactions with characters, overnight stays, and variable story outcomes that depend on guest choices.