Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser sold out through to its September 2023 permanent closure

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Posted: Friday May 26, 2023 6:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is now fully sold out on day one of the resumption of sales.

Disney has provided an update on its official Starcruiser website advising guests that it is sold out but that a limited number of rooms may become available.

Here is the full notice from Disney.

As of May 26, 2023 at 4:30pm ET, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is unavailable for new bookings.

However, availability may still be subject to change and a very limited number of rooms could become available for new bookings from time to time. Please continue to check the online calendar for the latest availability.

Disney reopened bookings this morning for the final voyages aboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser after Disney made the surprise announcement earlier this month that Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser would close after operating for just over a year.

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Fido Chuckwagon1 day ago

Thread should be named to “Star Wars: Galactic Failcruiser” IMO.

asianway1 day ago

Did they advertise this on the resort tv loop?

twilight mitsuk2 days ago want a similar 2-night experience?

erasure fan12 days ago

Is this supposed to be a gotcha? No I didn't go. Just like like the vast majority of fans, hence the reason it's closing down. There was zero chance I would put down 6 grand plus for it based on the marketing and influencer videos.

danlb_20002 days ago

Probably recorded well before Disney decided to close it.

OceanBlue2 days ago

Have you been?

Nubs702 days ago

You wouldn't want it to be too obvious. From a marketing perspective, a little more upscale than I Drive. 3 hours + 1 hour cleanup/turnover. Might be a little low brow to jump into warm bed sheets 🤔

erasure fan12 days ago

I listened to that episode as well. I agree, it didn't feel like star wars. I said when the first videos showed up it felt like they were trying to imitate star wars. It just failed on so many different levels. The real failure, or root of the failure, in my eyes, is Disneys hubris. The star cruiser didn't give that ultimate star wars vibe because Disney said this is OUR star wars. If you don't like it, we don't care. They were counting on this new generation of fans to carry the torch of fandom. Turns out they don't care, or more importantly, won't spend that kind of cash on Disney star wars. They should have rethought the whole thing when people had little desire to run to galaxys edge when it opened.

lewisc2 days ago

Have you heard the term hourly rate? Why have a 3 hour minimum?

FettFan2 days ago

Oof. They even re-did the WoF set to promote Galaxy’s Edge.

twilight mitsuk2 days ago

Like fhloston paradise

Incomudro2 days ago

The Star Wars - No Tell Motel.

Nubs702 days ago

Seriously, the special room rental option would sell. 1. Fits the existing back story of the Han and Leia honeymoon. 2. Book rooms in 3 hour increments. Pushes effective room count to 800. Although not practical when considering turn over time. But still could increase effective room count to 400. 3. Fits the syrategy of selling parks multiple times a day.- why not sell rooms multiple times a day?

Bleed0range2 days ago

I’ve been thinking about where the true failure of this thing lies. They talked about this on a Star Wars podcast I listen to. Rebel Force Radio. Although the price was ridiculous… I think the biggest failure is that it doesn’t actually capture the feeling of Star Wars very well at all. From the design perspective, it looks more like Star Trek or some nondescript sci Fi show than it does something we have actually seen in Star Wars. Rise makes you feel like you’re on a star destroyer, the first order and the empire ships look similar enough it gets the feeling across. This doesn’t evoke that same feeling. You aren’t boarding a star destroyer or the Millenium Falcon. You’re on a freaking cruise ship? And with all the great music John Williams has written this Gaya character sings bad show tunes? It captures none of the actual spirit of the films. I believe if the experience captured the actual feelings of the movies with aesthetics that we recognize it might have resulted in more people coughing up the money because it’s a can’t miss experience. Honestly, it gives off holiday special vibes at times. Especially with Gaya.