Josh D'Amaro talks creative storytelling with Imagineer Scott Trowbridge in his latest LinkedIn video

Mar 02, 2022 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Wednesday March 2, 2022 11:49am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Josh D'Amaro, Chairman Disney Parks, Experiences and Products is back on LinkedIn to offer another installment of his updates from the company.

In this second video, Josh talks about creative storytelling with Walt Disney Imagineer Scott Trowbridge. Scott is the creative lead on Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, and was also involved in the creation of the recently opened Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

You can see the video below or visit his page on LinkedIn, and see for his first video from February 2022.

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Dear PrudenceMar 02, 2022

This makes me SOOOOOO uncomfortable, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Midwest ElitistFeb 08, 2022

So does Chicago. Only 2 cities which can be called "cities" IMO.

UNCgolfFeb 08, 2022

Nobody said it was incorrect to call all of it LA -- I think you're missing the context of what we were discussing.

KamikazeFeb 08, 2022

I don't even understand this conversation. Los Angeles is the city of LA, yes, but the Los Angeles metro includes all of those areas. There are cities/communities way out of Los Angeles that are considered part of the LA metropolitan area. Nothing close to the NYC metro, sure, but calling all of it 'LA' isn't incorrect.

UNCgolfFeb 08, 2022

That's what I meant. While LA itself is still larger than most US cities, huge parts of "LA" aren't technically LA (I have a friend who lives in Redondo Beach). When I said it wasn't that large, I only meant in comparison to how large it would be if all of those areas were Los Angeles. I live in Atlanta, which is similar to an extent, although Atlanta proper is much smaller than LA proper.

SirwalterraleighFeb 08, 2022

It’s actually the definition of “urban sprawl”…but not miles of skyscrapers… New York packs way more of a whallop if you want urban

cmwade77Feb 08, 2022

As a local, I can tell you that Los Angeles is actually huge, but not as big as most people think. Anaheim is not Los Angeles. Long Beach is not Los Angeles, Pasadena is not Los Angelese, but right next to it is as some examples. Then there are cities like Torrance that have parts that are technically part of Los Angeles and others that are part of the city of Torrance. So Los Angeles is complicated.

UNCgolfFeb 07, 2022

It's like that to the most Americans, too. I think only a small minority of people outside of the SoCal area that realize the actual city of LA isn't that large and most of what people think of as LA is actually an amalgamation of a bunch of smaller incorporated areas.

Sir_CliffFeb 07, 2022

If you ever get the mood for a long flight, I would take them up on it! The Kiwis are particularly hospitable and it is a lovely country. We are very partial to lamb in that part of the world, too! I remember for a hot second when it first opened they did also market HKDL in Australia. They must have quickly realised that was a little too hard of a sell for what was on offer even at a relatively 'short' 9 hour flight from Melbourne or Sydney! As I think you've mentioned, though, DL is also an easy sell because people can easily spend a week (or more) based in Anaheim and see other sights in Southern California. To people from abroad, it's all LA, whether you're staying in Anaheim, Santa Monica, or wherever, and my memory is that Disneyland itself pitched Southern California more generally in its marketing materials. Regardless of its other attractions, the sales pitch for Orlando is theme parks.

AylaFeb 07, 2022

I live in Wisconsin. I have never once seen a commercial for DL.

LondonTomFeb 07, 2022

In the UK we tend to get pushed with WDW about as much as DLP, maybe even a little more oddly enough (even though until Covid, you could get a train ride straight to the DLP gates!). I guess the travel agents/airlines see more value in pushing a fully packaged 2 weeks in WDW, than a couple of days at DLP. (DLP trips tend to be pushed by those offering "cheap" group trips either by coach or rail). Don't think I've ever seen a DLR ad really, maybe as part of a trip to LA. Pretty sure most of the non-Disney nerds here really even think about there being a Disney park on the West Coast!

SirwalterraleighFeb 07, 2022

Smyrna is nicknamed “shark bite beach” because researchers have estimated that it features the highest frequency of bites of any region on earth. Almost all are minor.

UNCgolfFeb 07, 2022

That makes sense because LA is a much shorter flight than Orlando (not that any flight from Australia to the US is short). If Tokyo Disneyland didn't exist, I imagine Disneyland would be the preferred option in Japan/eastern Asia too.