Dining adjustments at Yacht and Beach Club ahead of new Ale and Compass opening

Oct 04, 2017 in "Disney's Yacht Club Resort"

Posted: Wednesday October 4, 2017 8:53am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Yacht Club is nearing the end of its restaurant updates, with the Ale & Compass Lounge and Ale & Compass Restaurant set to open later this month.

The Captain's Grille, which has been temporarily operating at Ariel's, is now permanently closed. Until the opening of Ale & Compass Restaurant, the nearby Yachtsman Steakhouse is offering a casual breakfast and lunch service.

Breakfast menu items include Smoked Salmon and Toasted Bagel $10.00, Pastry Board - Scones, Croissants, and Biscuits with Cinnamon Butter, Orange Blossom Honey-Cream Cheese, and Seasonal Jam $10, Tailored Omelet - Choice of Meats, Vegetables, and Cheese served with Roasted Potatoes and a Biscuit $14, Egg White Frittata $14, Mickey Waffles $12, Crab Cake Benedict $15, Dark Chocolate Waffles $13, Fried Egg Sandwich $12, Shrimp and Pepper Jack Cheese Grits $15.

Lunch items include Grilled Chicken Salad $15, Blackened Fish Tacos $14, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich $13, Grilled Chicken Sandwich $15, New England-style Lobster Roll $19, Shaved Beef Sandwich $15, Soup and Sandwich Combo $15.

The recently opened Market at Ale & Compass will also be adding additional dinner menu items from next week.

An opening date for the Ale & Compass Restaurant has not yet been given, but Disney has previously announced an October 2017 opening,

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flyerjabDec 10, 2017

We had lunch here yesterday. I will preface this by saying I didn’t care for Captain’s Grille at all. We had a Thanksgiving buffet dinner there a few years ago and it was so disappointing. We never went back since. Hearing that this was reopening we decided to give it a try. What can I say but the food was fantastic! My wife had the lobster bisque soup which she really enjoyed. My 11 year old ordered off of the kids menu and was able to get steamed clams, potatoes and corn in a little skillet. He loved it! I ordered a vegan dish - vegan sausage with sweet potatoes, quinoa and broccoli. I am in no way vegan or vegetarian but wanted to try this for some reason. It was terrific as it was in a cherry tomato sauce that brought all of the elements together. Instead of dessert we shared a bread appetizer with a citrus butter, bacon jam or pub cheese dip. I highly recommend the cheese dip. Overall this meal was fabulous and the service was great as well. It is a much classier experience as the design of the restaurant is very well done if you are into a more modern design approach. I certainly wouldn’t skip out because you don’t appreciate this type of aesthetic. The food and service were both top notch.

Horizons '83Nov 27, 2017

Unfortunately, you seem to be like me, a bit spoiled when it comes to beer selection. I would love a true "Taco Mac" type venue on property but I don't think the demographic really calls for a place like that. Also, 8 bucks for a Sam Adams is aggressive.

StrikerObiNov 27, 2017

For a place called "Ale and Compass" this place has a pretty dismal craft beer selection. The beer menu on the WDW website lists 17 beers. 6 of them are either macro-brew (Bud LIght, Coors Light, and Stella Artois) or fake "crafty" beers owned by macro-brew companies (Blue Moon, Goose Island, and Breckenridge). The rest are super common except for maybe 2 (Crooked Can Mr. Tractor Kolsch & Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA) that aren't particularly noteworthy. At least the Baseline Taproom has a half-decent list. Although a bunch of that is "crafty" as well since AB-InBev owns Golden Road and Heinkein owns Lagunitas. I get that a lot of the beers at Baseline are being flown in from California to fit the theme of the area. But they could have made a taplist just as good with a WAY lower carbon footprint by using Florida or even southeastern beers. They have 18 beers on this menu and fully half of them aren't actually "craft" due to their ownership.

surfsupdonNov 27, 2017

The review sounded good. I'm glad there are some healthful options. Not everybody loves empty carbs and grease with each meal.

NiarrNDisneyNov 26, 2017

Thanks for posting this! Sounds like the food is pretty good now I am even more excited to try this on my next trip! May have to hit up Baseline in DHS, Phins (Dolphin) and here all in one day.

Little Green MenNov 26, 2017

DFB did a review: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2017/11/21/new-the-new-ale-compass-restaurant-in-disneys-yacht-club-resort/

RSoxNo1Nov 25, 2017

I think you can get more food at a Food and Wine booth.

Jess GNov 25, 2017

Oh my goodness, theres literally 4 blueberries

BlindChowNov 25, 2017

So we lost the wonderful Lobster Omelet for THIS abomination??

ChrisFLNov 24, 2017

I don't hate the new look, but it is VERY monochrome. It needs more things to break up the blue everywhere.

ford91exploderNov 23, 2017

Ikea's new 'Restaurant in a box' concept realized, your choice of trendy color...

PleakleyNov 22, 2017

The lounge looks like they used leftovers from the Flying Fish reno, albeit it does serve the intimate space better. The restaurant looks like a less classy version of the Wentworth by the Sea dining room in Newcastle, NH. I don't think going with beiges and seafoam or is a bad design choice or off theme, but it feels like they didn't go far enough. It looks like a nice new Marriott that filled some off-the-rack commercial furniture into a conference space. I do however like how they seemed to close off some rooms within the large space. Perhaps my biggest qualm with the recent changes is the lack of warmth, personality. Of course this is technically better than what was there, but it doesn't stop it from looking like a page from 2015 Design by Numbers. South Park did a pretty good parody of this design style recently in "White People Renovating Houses".

Jocie115Nov 22, 2017

I'm waiting to see a pic of that Tbone though... yes please?!

ABQNov 22, 2017

I concur with you that they missed the mark. Not sure what exactly that mark should be though. They could decorate it completely silly with monkey's fists and bowlines all over the walls adorned with brass barometers, but that's a bit hokey to me, perhaps not to others. But it does have to differentiate itself a bit from Cape May around the bend and Yachtsman's Steakhouse in appearance. I think the bit in this thread that seemed odd was that it was inferred that somehow this remodel diminished the resort, don't you think it more or less just did a side step, I can't think that the updated, albeit rather boring, look is a step back. Actually, it looks quite a bit like the Riverside Yacht Club I once ate at in Greenwich, CT. Some yacht clubs probably are filled with sailing signal flags hanging from the rafters and images of America's Cup challengers, but many are rather bland in order to cater to all the wedding receptions they hope to host. I agree that WDW should have opted for more decor and less mortuary.