PHOTOS - Nanea Volcano Pool area now closed at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Jul 29, 2014 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Posted: Tuesday July 29, 2014 9:03am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Nanea Volcano Pool area is now closed for a major refurbishment.

The entire feature pool area, including the pool bar, will be closed until Spring 2015. During the refurbishment, a hot tub will be added, along with an expansion to the pool deck area. The refurbishment is following the established pattern of upgrading a resort's amenities ahead of the introduction of Disney Vacation Club accommodations.

During the closure of the pool area, Polynesian Resort guests will be able to visit Blizzard Beach throughout their stay, with transportation included. The quiet pool at the Polynesian also remains available, along with a temporary pool bar at that location.

The pool area closed yesterday, July 28. A few construction walls are now in place, and currently it is still possible to walk around the pool area. It would seem likely this will be completely closed off soon once construction begins. Click the gallery for more photos.

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NYwdwfanApr 22, 2015

Any age guidelines for that play area?

FigmentJediApr 22, 2015

Name's already taken

BuzzKillingtonApr 22, 2015

Very nice. I wonder if they used the same designer for the splash area as they did the volcano pool area?

AndyS2992Apr 22, 2015

Kiki Tiki? :confused: Liki Tiki would be much better.

wdwmagicApr 21, 2015

RSoxNo1Apr 21, 2015

The only forced perspective issue I have with New Fantasyland is the Be Our Guest castle.

majortom1981Apr 21, 2015

Have you seen the splash n play area at kidani? I think its pretty good. Some of the ones they just added to Saratoga are pretty good also. My son had a blast at the one at Saratoga this past September.

COProgressFanApr 21, 2015

I wonder this too. Many years ago, when prices were not nearly as insane as they are today, we stayed in a lagoon facing room right near the end of the building that abuts the TTC. Things were quiet in the room, but whenever we had the balcony door open, you could clearly hear every announcement made on the ferry boats. It was wasn't enough to "ruin" our stay or anything like that, but it certainly detracted from the peaceful beach ambiance the area is supposed to have. I would imagine noise from the TTC and ferry boats is much louder in bungalows, as some of them are very close to the TTC. Not a lot of privacy, peace or quiet when tens of thousands of guests pass each day by your bungalow 100 feet away.

fractalApr 21, 2015

I would like to see it from a few different angles but from the pics it looks good and is a nice addition.

Disney AnalystApr 21, 2015

Looks very nice!

BocabearApr 21, 2015

I really dislike the rubble waterfalls they are doing all of the sudden...and while it is nice to finally have a splash area for the kids....many hotels have better.... oh yeah I forgot to lower my expectations.... Wow that's fantastic~

wdwmagicApr 21, 2015

PHOTOS - Kiki Tikis Splash Play area now open at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Monkee GirlApr 11, 2015

Ugh, that's a shame. I would love to go to the Wilderness but my traveling party is so spoiled, they won't leave the Monorail loop. I like the way the contemporary and GF did their DVCs; separate buildings away from the originals but still a part of the resort. I would have preferred the Poly do the same. Pick a patch of land, even if it meant taking a building or two, and just building a separate 'tower' for the DVC. Make is look similar to Aulani or something. One building just a few stories more than a regular long house and give them their own pool area area and things. What they did now is just too cluttered and ugly. I REALLY want to know about the people who get stuck in the Bungaloes right next to the TTC. Do they hear the boats all night? I would hate to be those people.

aladdin2007Apr 11, 2015

They had plenty of outcry and petitions when they announced changes were going to happen, it would be interesting to know if complaints are still rolling in. By the way some cast are talking it sounds like they are. But yeah its very much a good thing to share your opinions with Disney, I feel like the Wilderness Lodge is next to be ruined with DVC additions and changes.