More colorful updates come to the lobby at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

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Updated seating fabric at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort lobby
Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023 10:26am Et by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney continues to refresh the lobby at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort with new fabrics throughout the seating areas.

The previously solid orange seating covers have been replaced with new multi-colored patterns.

This latest change follows the new brightly colored rugs installed last month.

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Disney4family19 days ago

Hopefully they're better than the plastic ones for the plastic couches in The Contemporary. Nothing screams deluxe like plastic!

Vegas Disney Fan20 days ago

Not a fan of the yellow cushions but I like the blue ones that just went out…

NelleBelle21 days ago

It’s tribal but not in the Polynesian sense

Figgy121 days ago

Elsewhere I'd really like it but they clash with everything else and may be hard to keep clean

Clamman7321 days ago

The busy print just under the plants is a bit much b/c the plants are busy looking by nature; it’s a bit too much going on.

ToTBellHop21 days ago

When Home Goods has a clearance event, you can’t expect Josh to pass up on that. Wait til you see the new Grand Floridian throw pillows he found.

Dan Deesnee21 days ago

LOL people will look back at this in years to come and say "what were they thinking?" Looks like complete bargain basement trash. Disney is slowly ruining all their best resorts. It's kind of magical in it's own way to watch happen.

kane4722 days ago

That is not going to age well.

NelleBelle22 days ago

😱Oh. No.Nuh-huh--what in the heck are they thinking??!! The carpet was meh, but this?? I think they sent the Boardwalk Cafe people over to design...

Disstevefan122 days ago

The very busy patterns hide small stains, lowering maintenance costs :)

HauntedPirate22 days ago

Looks like Tinkerbell done throwed up. 😳

fractal22 days ago

New Rugs completely clash with existing furniture and looks terrible. Hopefully they change the furniture and then we can judge.

FutureCEO22 days ago

Someone threw up and smeared it all over the sitting area.

Weather_Lady22 days ago

I hope someone will post a wide-angle photo of how this all looks together. Separately, I don't see anything remotely cohesive or tiki-esque about the Wayfair oversized-tropical-print dorm room rugs, and the 80's African Art-style Bill Cosby sweater print upholstery. Maybe when viewed in context, they look better? 🤔🤷‍♀️