Dates announced for Club Level reopenings at Disney's Polynesian, Yacht Club and Beach Club resort hotels

Nov 01, 2021 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Posted: Monday November 1, 2021 1:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced reopening dates for three more of its resort hotel club levels.

Disney's Yacht Club Resort club level will reopen January 20 2022, followed by Disney's Beach Club Resort club level on January 27 2022, and Disney's Polynesian Village Resort on February 3 2022.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Coronado Springs Resort are still on track to reopen their club levels on the previously announced date of December 16 2021.

Club levels did not immediately reopen with the hotels following the COVID-19 shutdown and are reopening in phases.

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kane47Nov 29, 2021

Noticed that Sugar Loaf club rooms have been removed from the Disney reservation system. Only the suits in the Sugar Loaf are displayed. Anyone have any ideas of whats going on?

kane47Nov 02, 2021

When booking club level, you will generally receive the category you book. Sugar Loaf club in the Sugar Loaf Key, or the Royal Palm Club in the Main building. From past experience, when inside a non-club level building such as Boca Chica, Sago Key, Counch Key, or Big Pine Key, you have access to both club lounges. 1 or 2 bedroom suites are available in all buildings. If you book that category you will have access to both the sugar loaf and royal palm club lounges. Every great while Disney will house a club level guest in a non club level building because of an issue such as over booking, emergency maintenance, etc. This has happen to me on two occasions and I was provided access to both lounges for the inconvenience.

James AlucobondNov 01, 2021

This actually reminds me of a somewhat tangential question that arose for me during my last stay ... I was in a club level room in Boca Chica and seemed to have unrestricted access via my magic band to both Sugar Loaf and the Royal Palm Club. Is it supposed to work that way? I know there's supposed to be a split between the main building and Sugar Loaf normally. Is Boca Chica an exception?

kane47Nov 01, 2021

Any info on the Sugar Loaf club at the Grand. It did not open with the main buildings Royal Palm club. The Sugar Loaf building was open briefly without club level then closed. Guest services will only confirm it is still closed without any reopening date. Any info would be appreciated.

DCBakerNov 01, 2021

Dates announced for Polynesian, Beach Club and Yacht Club -

LetsTalkWDWSep 30, 2021

Club Level Re-openings can be found here: Scroll down to "Resort Services"

Chip318Jul 11, 2021

We would have gotten the same price or money back depending on the villa. It was a little different because we had 2 rooms booked for 4 people. I don’t know much about villas and didn’t go into more detail but we had the option to combine or stay separate. Sorry, not sure that helps.

MickeyLuv'rJul 05, 2021

Same price as what you had previously booked, or a modified pricing?

Chip318Jul 04, 2021

We had a reservation at the Beach Club in the Club Level for March 2021. Obviously, that wasn’t possible Disney called me and offered us a villa at the Beach Club. I’m sure things could be different now that more has opened but at that time no resorts had the club level open. Hope this helps.

TinkwingsJul 03, 2021

WOW that is sort like the pricing at the DLR Grand Californian CL precovid.....:rolleyes:

Tinker218Jul 03, 2021

I had 2 rooms booked at the Boardwalk Inn on club level for March of this year. Neither the hotel nor club was available at that time. I was offered 2 standard rooms at the Yacht Club at a much lower price, or standard room at the Grand Floridian at a somewhat lower price. I was traveling with my son and his family, so after talking with them we chose the Grand. We saved about $125 a night with the transfer. It was a new hotel for us and it was why we chose it.

MickeyLuv'rJul 03, 2021

Thanks. Unfortunately, most WDW rooms are now booked for those dates. Also, on paper, the current re-book is just lousy compared to the package that was originally booked, that's also part of the problem/concern. It would be nice to hear of what others were offered.

Kingdom KonsultantJul 03, 2021

Whenever I've had to deal with this type of situation and it was usually because of construction going on at a resort, they usually offered an upgrade either at that resort or another one when they did Reach Out about the clients reservation. I would sit tight until they reach out to you and see what they offer Pam

MickeyLuv'rJul 03, 2021

Yes. Gran Destino CL. When WDW was called, CM said he could re-book to a different room, but he also said WDW would make an offer at about the 35 day mark. If room is rebooked now, no special deal- just the current general public offer. He also said the 35-day CM would have 'added flexibility' in what they might be able to offer. As it happens, the original booking was a bounceback from 2019, so originally, it was supposed to be CL+ free dining. Re-book as it stands is nothing special- just rack rate package.