New main entrance holiday decor at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Dec 01, 2021 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Polynesian Village Resort Great Ceremonial House main entrance holiday decor 2021
Posted: Wednesday December 1, 2021 7:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new porte-cochère arrival area at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has updated holiday decor this year.

The main entrance is decorated with garland and wreaths, with ornaments following the look of the area's theme.

Scroll down for a look at more of the new Polynesian Resort holiday decorations.

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Disney Analyst3 days ago

Actually super cool! Never knew.

gerarar3 days ago

Disney Parks posted some BTS on what happens with the Grand Floridian gingerbread house after the holidays... The bees eat it!! Already trending with 2.5m views^

YodaMan8 days ago

Sunset Season Greetings? That ended on Monday the 3rd with the rest of the holiday offerings.

disneygeek909 days ago

Oh yikes I guess I meant the Holiday projection on ToT and how long into January that runs. I am blanking on the name 😅

wdwmagic9 days ago

18 months from Oct 1, unless it gets extended.

YodaMan9 days ago

Do you mean what time at night? Or what date it ends? I assume it runs all the way through the rest of the 50th Celebration.

disneygeek9010 days ago

Does anyone know when Beacon of Magic stops at HS? I tried to google but I couldn’t find any confirmed dates.

mm5220019 days ago

They were recently allowed to start wearing them. Omnicron is ripping through cast members.

TikibirdLand19 days ago

My DS plays French Horn. They had a mask with a velcro opening for the mouthpiece. So, it's possible to do that. But, he was very happy to have that requirement stopped at that beginning of this month.

MisterPenguin19 days ago

I don't recall anyone masked for Candlelight the first week of December except for a few instrumentalists... obviously not the wind instruments, tho.

PuertoRekinSam19 days ago

We went to Epcot yesterday and saw the early candlelight show and my wife noticed that some of the performers were wearing mask while singing. Not just the golden choir but some voices as well. They looked like a solid color and not the blue pixie ones the average Cast wear. Has this been happening all season? Or was this new? I watched a you tube video of it earlier this year and don’t remember them being there.

mf197222 days ago

myself remembering i have to work today….

Trauma22 days ago

Merry Christmas everyone !!

Crazydisneyfanluke22 days ago

I believe they recorded it 2-3 weeks ago at DL.