'Return To Sleepy Hollow' at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort now available to book

Mar 23, 2018 in "The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort"

Posted: Friday March 23, 2018 10:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort is once again offering its "Return to Sleepy Hollow" experience, which includes a group viewing of the 1949 Disney animated classic film "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" inside the resort's historic Tri-Circle-D Ranch stables.

During the event, you'll be able to see galloping ghosts and experience an up close and personal encounter with the Headless Horseman. New for this year is a  a dessert party at 9pm after the movie if you're viewing the 8pm show or prior to the movie if you’re viewing the later show.

"Return to Sleepy Hollow" will be available September 28-30, October 3-7, October 10-14, 17-21, 24-31 2018 at 8 and 10pm.

General seating costs $22 per person, while premium seating, which includes a priority photo opportunity with the Headless Horseman and a Halloween treat bag, costs $38 per person. And the dessert party at 9pm costs $60 per person. To reserve your place, call 407-WDW-TOUR.

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TeriofTerrorSep 27, 2018

According to the comments, it does.

HoraceHorizonsSep 26, 2018

I just booked the last $22 option on the 30th. They said the movie and pin would be included but they would only let us take a photo with the Headless Horseman "if there is enough time." They then said I would just have to wait for the VIP's to take their photo's first. TBH, I'm kind of excited about this. I mean, I will enjoy it either way but does anyone know if they usually have the time? Or if people have ever not gotten the meet and greet option without the "priority" photo option? I feel like DISNEY wouldnt even state there is a chance of taking a photo if there wasnt time. No? I enjoy sitting in the back at films anyhow but wouldve paid the premium for the photo without the priority seating. Basically, I'm a 40-year old man on a WDW message board looking for reassurance that I get to meet the damn headless horseman.

Magenta PantherMar 31, 2018

(sniff) Ah, smell that manure...!

CRO-MagnumMar 30, 2018

Grind out those profit margins...

ravenMar 24, 2018

$60 for dessert in a dirty barn? So magical.

Magenta PantherMar 24, 2018

They did?! Was it any fun, I wonder? Why would TDO replace it?

Animaniac93-98Mar 24, 2018

They used to do that. This is basically the replcement.

drizgirlMar 24, 2018

I just heard that at the $100 level you get to take home a souvenir bag of horse poo. Reserve fast! Supplies are limited. :cautious:

Magenta PantherMar 24, 2018

What would be cool, and maybe worth 60 bucks, is a Sleepy Hollow Haunted Hayride...

Animaniac93-98Mar 24, 2018

The $22 option includes a pin and the meet and greet. The extra $16 is for the tote bag and a shorter wait to get your picture. +$22 more and you get dessert.

DisneyDebRobMar 23, 2018

Reading your post quickly and thought you said vin diesel dessert party. Still wouldn’t do it for 60 bucks.:cool:

Rogue21Mar 23, 2018

True, but my sister and I opted for this because it was such a better price point than MNSSHP. As much as I may love the holiday parties, some trips they can be cost prohibitive.

ppete1975Mar 23, 2018

that sounds worth it!!! I would do that, my only issue is there is so much stuff to do at the parks that I don't get to the other stuff (some day I want to do the luau at Polynesian for example)