Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground to temporarily restrict access for day guests

Oct 23, 2023 in "The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort"

Posted: Monday October 23, 2023 7:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground will be closed to day guests from October 26 to November 2, 2023

Only guests with Resort or Dining reservations will be admitted to Fort Wilderness during that time.

Registered guests who will be staying at the resort will be unable to add "Day Guests" to their reservation.

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DreamalittleDisneyOct 31, 2023

A dining res..... Possibly a loophole with mobile order at trails end though

Mamamouse3Oct 24, 2023

Yes 🙌 this right here , I’m staying here right now and it’s been so busy they have parking all the way up to the unloading pull offs and even those are full around check in and out time .

TrainsOfDisneyOct 23, 2023

Maybe / maybe not. Policies like this are usually only halfway enforced. It sounds like an overkill solution to a minor problem to me. Something the WDW resort has been getting really good at lately lol.

peter11435Oct 23, 2023

They will say no during those dates.

peter11435Oct 23, 2023


Prince-1Oct 23, 2023

Stupid vloggers.

Clamman73Oct 23, 2023

If I just want to take a boat over to fort wilderness to go to the horse barn during the day they’re gonna say no? Come on.

castlecake2.0Oct 23, 2023

Last year there were reports of security hosts asking to see IDs of everyone in cars to make sure they are on a reservation. There’ll also be cast at the bus depot and boat docks to check guests are on reservations.

AylaOct 23, 2023

It's because of Halloween.

thomas998Oct 23, 2023

While they wont allow day guest reservations, are they really going to check each car as it goes in to verify who is and isn't supposed to be there? In the times we used FW we never even saw a human at the entrance you just used your magic band to open the gate and drove on in. If they are going to put an actual CM at the gates to verify everyone that is going to create a huge bottle neck when people are trying to get in at certain times of the day. And yes, a lot of people aren't going to be wiling to drive their RV in and out to get their friends... but some folks have cars the tow along with their RVs.

castlecake2.0Oct 23, 2023

This is typical around Halloween and Christmas as too many people were coming in to look at all the decorations and it was causing some issues. This has happened for a few years now. Blame the vloggers ;)

JoeCamelOct 23, 2023

Cant have all those people wandering the woods during hunting season.....

dvitaliOct 23, 2023

Halloween decorations at campsite is getting heavy traffic visitor each year?

Jambo DadOct 23, 2023

My guess is that it’s related to the delivery of the new cabins - trying to limit the number of people in the campground?