More construction scrims go up in the main Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort

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Contemporary Resort refurbishment - May 2021
Posted: Wednesday May 26, 2021 8:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The major refurbishment of Disney's Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World is continuing with more construction scrims added to the main tower.

In addition to the original side facing Magic Kingdom that was covered last month, the opposite side is now also completely covered in a scrim.

With this latest change, all of the rooms in the main tower are now unavailable for guests, leaving just the garden wing and Bay Lake Tower available.

Disney expects all of the resort's amenities to remain open during the work, although there is some noise disruption form the construction work in the main tower.

No official announcement has been made about the changes to the rooms, but we expect to see a major renovation of the guest rooms, with a complete interior replacement. It is also expected that some of the rooms will take design cues from the Incredibles movie characters, in a similar way to how Moana has been introduced into Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

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danlb_20007 hours ago

There have been some permits for this recently.. 4600 N WORLD DR(CONTEMPORARY HOTEL) - General Construction 4560 N WORLD DR(CONTEMPORARY SOUTH ANNEX) - General Construction 4600 N WORLD DR(CONTEMPORARY HOTEL) - General Conditions Disney has two of it's big contractors working on this, H O A R Construction and Balfour Beatty.

DCBaker21 hours ago

MaryJaneP5 days ago

Comparatively, profit margin (or total profit) on shop on Concourse vs profit margin (or total profit) for Wave restaurant. Including walkway to BLT, is refurb/reloc possible?

castlecake2.09 days ago

When do we think Disney will make an actual announcement about what the redesign looks like

The_Jobu9 days ago

I never got to visit, but I hope they don't ruin the menu, prices, staff, bar, etc. Keeping the theme would be a bonus.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

Naplesgolfer11 days ago

I like the food at the Wave and the staff is outstanding. I do find the decor too sterile for my taste, but would prefer no change to a Incredibles overlay.

DoleWhipDrea11 days ago

As someone that doesn't enjoy having to pre-plan every move while visiting WDW but still wanting quality, The Wave is one of my favorite spots. I'm happy it's getting some TLC but I'll be very upset if it gets covered with the Incredibles. It's getting awfully difficult to escape IP...

ryguy13 days ago

Underated bar as well. The few times I have been in there the bar area always had a good crowd. I believe its open a little later than the other bars in the hotel.

trojanjustin13 days ago

The Wave exists because it was a top complaint amongst conventioneers staying there that there was not an on-site restaurant to eat breakfast or dinner at, without having to book months in advance. Given this key demo, I can't imagine it will be too over the top.

jkh3661913 days ago

Wave lounge is Disney's best kept secret. Cool dark quiet and a short walk from MK for a perfect break.

ElvisMickey14 days ago

The little me or the older me 😝?!

Skywise14 days ago

Well from your pic you've got the 80s shirt for it! :P

ElvisMickey14 days ago

I LOVE The Wave. It’s my favorite restaurant on property and a hidden jem. If they DO overlay it with The Incredibles, it better be super subtle. If not, just return that space to the arcade that was there in the 80s when I used to beat my old man at air hockey and play Punch Out πŸ₯Š. Yes, I’m throwing the 80s around in my last two posts lol