Disney's Contemporary Resort refurbishment gets underway with massive scrim in the main tower

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Contemporary Resort refurbishment - April 2021
Posted: Wednesday April 14, 2021 11:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A major refurbishment of Disney's Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World is now underway with the installation of a massive constructions scrim in the main tower.

The constructions scrim covers the entirety of one side of the tower, from the top to bottom level.

The same can be found on the Chef Mickey's side.

Outside in the parking lot is a staging area, with trailers and material containers.

Disney expects all of the resort's amenities to remain open during the work, but room availability will obviously be limited.

No official announcement has been made about the changes to the rooms, but we expect to see a major renovation of the guest rooms, with a complete interior replacement. It is also expected that some of the rooms will take design cues from the Incredibles movie characters, in a similar way to how Moana has been introduced into Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

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jmargarone2719 days ago

I just saw on Disney’s website that the Club Level rooms look very different from the standard garden wing/main tower rooms. The bedroom and bathroom are totally updated. Were they renovated recently or is this the new look of the rooms for the entire resort?

Bocabear29 days ago

They really need to examine the photos and design files of it's original incarnation... The brilliant use of color, The extension of the mural out into the concourse using the acrylic trees and there were also southwestern architectural motifs... All echoing from that grand mural. The current interior looks cluttered and disjointed and quite frankly stuck in the late 90s even though a lot of the renovation is more recent. I think they should embrace the groovy 1970 version of the future with all it bright colors and beautiful finishes...

aladdin200730 days ago

it was very opulent and upscale (for its time). The entire concourse and lobby areas etc are long overdue for a redo, I wish they would make it grand again instead of the terrible 90s stale ugly setup its stuck in.

DisAl30 days ago


dreday330 days ago

I was there during those years of the top picture, I remember the red booths! I just don't remember the trees. I was a kid, so that's probably why.

Bocabear30 days ago

Bocabear30 days ago

I was dead serious... The Acrylic trees brought the stylized Grand Canyon mural out into the concourse making it seem not a decorative mural, but an integral part of the setting. They also were very fanciful and modern... there was a lot of colorplay in the interior design which has all been homogenized... I wish they would bring back the saturated color palate that matched the mural... Contemporary design does not have to look like the Apple store... Seems like that is all they can do anymore....they just need to look back and bring the look forward.

montyz8130 days ago

I was kind of hoping everyone would know I was being sarcastic. The Poly rooms were built the same way yet that myth never made it across Seven Seas Lagoon.

dreday330 days ago

I like those trees! (I can never tell if a post is being serious or sarcastic :D)

Bocabear30 days ago

Ohhh PLEASE return the Acrylic trees to the concourse... They were so modern and really felt like an extension of the mural.. They felt very Mary Blair... And added a colorful sculptural element into the open concourse... and PLEASE remove that horrible gift shop disaster... Send it and the racks over to EPCOT for Mouse Gears. This never fit the location and really just junks up some beautiful modernist architecture... .

Kamikaze31 days ago

Thats why I said 'the story'.

Skywise31 days ago

meh - the rooms don't bother me much (though I'm not a big fan of slapping IP into rooms - that's like saying I had a "star wars themed bedroom" when I was a kid because I had star wars posters on the walls. If you're going to do an Incredibles resort - I wanna see AN INCREDIBLES RESORT where I'm walking into their city complete with fixtures and lights!) I'm a little more concerned about the new color scheme on the atrium walls - IncrediRed seems a little too garish for the Grand Canyon Concourse. That said - I'm in complete agreement that they need to remove the gift shop in the middle of the concourse and return to its traditional status (maybe with smaller park like kiosks). I think even returning the plexiglass trees might fit in with an "Incredibles" theme.

41231 days ago

They were never designed to move (although it is a longtime WDW myth).

JoeCamel31 days ago

Or at least that row over the monorail.....