Old Port Royale bridge closed for refurbishment at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Sep 21, 2015 in "Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort"

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015 2:00pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The bridge linking Aruba and Jamaica to Old Port Royale food court and shops is currently closed for refurbishment.

The work began on September 5, and will continue through to November 26 2015. If you are staying in Jamaica or Aruba, you will be able to use a shuttle from 6:30am to 12:30am daily, with pickups every 20 minutes from the parking lot area.

A boat will also be available from 9am to dusk, with service from the Barefoot Bay Bike Works to the Aruba beach.

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surfsupdonNov 30, 2015

Anybody have any pictures of the bridge now that it has been opened? I was curious if the slope remained the same. Was it just a bridge replacement or is the height and angle different from the original?

thumperNov 12, 2015

O f course - after I just came home! LOL! I have to say though...the pontoon boat from the Aruba beach to Port Royale was very quick and pleasant. Never a long wait, but it stopped operating at dusk.

wdwmagicNov 11, 2015

The bridge will reopen on Nov 13 2015.

Disneydreamer23Oct 01, 2015

It was getting refurbed it should be back up by now though!

SuwithoutaneSep 30, 2015

Is something going on with the kid's pool??

planters49Sep 22, 2015

We received a letter in the mail a few days ago about this. We're staying there during the construction time.

Disneydreamer23Sep 22, 2015

Been here 9 days doesn't look like the bridge is getting any major work they are doing boat shuttles from Aruba across and mini vans from Jamaica /Aruba to the front but was very awkward for me so we did that boat. We ended up upgrading to AKL because with that down and the kids pool I wasn't having it lol.

Gabe1Sep 22, 2015

The Caribbean fan website is saying until December 25th and many guests were stating they were not notified, taken by surprise. traci c

surfsupdonSep 21, 2015

Anyone have pics? Is the bridge still in place mostly? Or will there be an entirely new bridge? I wonder, bc of the steep pitch of this bridge and the lack of boating at CBR, if this project will flatten out this bridge, not making it as sloped. Gee, I hope not. Any details?